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Digital Audio And Podcasting Expanding Their Research Among Moms Says New Edison Study.

A set of wireless headphones or earbuds could make a great Mother’s Day gift based on new Edison Research data. It shows nearly two-thirds (64%) of moms report they have listened to a podcast, a 12% increase from a year ago. And the data shows many mothers now consume podcasts regularly. Edison says four in ten say they have listened to a podcast in the past month, and 28% reported listening to a podcast in the past week, both increases from a year ago. “Being mostly at home during the past year has provided more opportunity and more interest in podcasts,” said Edison Research VP Melissa DeCesare on a webinar Thursday. The annual Moms and Media report shows that among moms who listen to podcasts, they average 6.4 episodes per week. That is slightly below the eight episodes per week that Edison says podcast listeners overall consume, a figure no doubt impacted by their busy lives – especially during the past year’s pandemic.

Online audio overall continues to gain ground among moms. Edison says nine in ten now say they have consumed online audio, an eight percent increase versus a year ago. A greater number of moms are also making it a part of their daily habit. Three-quarters (76%) told Edison they had listened to online audio in the past week. And 82% said they had in the last month, both six-point increases compared to a year ago.

“Here’s another example of how mom’s habits have adjusted over the last year,” said DeCesare. “Online audio lends itself to mobile devices, which we know moms have held tight to this year. And working from home allows more opportunity to listen, especially if the previous work environment did not.”

Among moms who said they listened to online audio – which Edison classifies as both the web streams of AM/FM radio stations and online-only music services like Spotify or Pandora – they spent 15 hours listening during the week. That is up 11 minutes versus last year’s survey of mothers.

“That shows us moms are committed to this listening habit, and they keep finding more time to listen,” said DeCesare.

Mom’s audio habits are not all digitally focused, however. Edison says 59% of moms said they listened to AM/FM radio either via an over-the-air receiver or online. But that was a quarter fewer moms than who said that in each of the past three years. DeCesare said the results are likely an anomaly since the survey was taken during a pandemic when moms were spending less time in the car where much of their radio listening takes place.

Edison says overall, moms report spending 1 hour and 12 minutes per day listening to the radio compared to 2 hours and 11 minutes watching television. And 4 hours and 16 minutes using the internet, up 23 minutes per day from 2020.

Among the report’s other findings is a surging number of moms who say they own a smart speaker. The latest figure rises to 46%. That is up 39% from the one-in-three count a year ago. And mothers said they average 2.7 smart speakers in their house as Edison finds a majority (58%) say they have two or more smart speakers in their home.

“It makes complete sense given the events of the past year, being at home and adjusting to a new kind of normal as mom’s balance work, virtual learning and keeping a household together, these devices are mom’s little helper,” said DeCesare. “There’s no doubt smart speakers are definitely having their moment with moms.”

And what about those wireless earbuds or headphones? Edison says 61% of moms now own a pair. That is up 58% from last year, suggesting the gift window is closing for many sons and daughters.

Edison Research’s Moms and Media 2021 study is based on a breakout of data from its annual Infinite Dial study, which this year surveyed 1,507 people aged 12 and older in early 2021. The national telephone survey, which included both cell phones and landlines, had a sample of 360 self-reported moms, which Edison defined as a woman who has a child aged 18 or under living in her household. The average age of its mom sample was 40, the same as a year ago.

Download Edison Research’s full Moms and Media 2021 study HERE.

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