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Meredith’s Magazine-To-Podcast Push Continues With New Mom-Targeted Show From Parents.

The pivot of print to audio continues with Parents magazine the latest to expand its brand to podcasting. The Meredith-owned magazine has just launched its second podcast from Parents in the past year with a show geared toward new mothers.

“As a mom of two, I know those first few months with a newborn can feel quite isolating,’ said Grace Bastidas, Editor in Chief of Parents Latina magazine. “That New Mom Life helps listeners feel seen and understood. Even if they're tuning in during middle-of-the-night feedings, I want them to know that they are not alone.” Bastidas, a mom of two girls ages 8 and 6, will cohost That New Mom Life with Desiree Fortin, creator of The Perfect Mom blog and social influencer who has more than 200,000 across various social media channels.

The 12-episode series will include guest experts, personalities and fellow parents offering advice, new perspectives and relatable real mom stories that will guide listeners through those first few months of parenthood. Episodes will range in length from about 20 to 30 minutes each.

“I'm excited to co-host this series with Desiree and create a space to share personal stories—from the hilarious to the inspiring—as we hear from top postpartum experts and real moms in the trenches,” said Bastidas. “My goal, as always, is to encourage mamas to navigate parenthood with confidence."

Parents previously debuted We Are Family last spring and Pregnancy Confidential in 2016. The push to podcasting comes as MRI-Simmons data shows 1.9 million readers of Parents reported listening to podcasts in the past month.

"Meredith's brands have been successful in connecting with listeners in the podcast space and have continued to expand this year with the recent launch of the People Every Day, our new series from Parents and an upcoming podcast called Money Confidential from Real Simple,” said Amanda Dameron, Chief Digital Content Officer at Meredith. “We're thrilled to debut this new series that's hyper-focused on those very first few months of parenthood, offering lots of room to dig into the many issues that surface during that moment in time,” she said in a statement.

That New Mom Life debuts February 16. New episodes will be released Tuesdays. Parents plans to bring We Are Family back for its second season later in 2021.

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