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Meghan McCain Launches Citizen Cain Productions, With Focus On ‘Female-Led’ Stories.

After four years on the ABC-TV talk show “The View,” Meghan McCain is turning her attention to podcasting. She has launched Citizen Cain Productions, a production company with a mission to “share female led stories and to highlight the rich tapestry of American life.” The first show will be hosted by McCain herself.

Launching Tuesday, Oct. 17, Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat will be familiar to viewers of her TV work. The podcast will focus on trending news, celebrity gossip, and Americana culture, while welcoming guests from all backgrounds and opinions. Confirmed upcoming guests who will join McCain on her podcast range from reality television star Erika Jayne to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, an example of how the podcast will be a true blend of entertainment and hard news. New episodes will be released twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the podcast will also offer both audio and video.

"I could not be more thrilled to announce the start of Citizen Cain Productions and with it my podcast,” McCain said in the announcement. "Bringing women-led stories of all walks of life that are all too often dismissed has always been a dream of mine. I truly believe this opportunity will give a platform to those who haven't had the chance to share.”

Going forward, Citizen Cain Productions will develop other women-led stories starting with a documentary podcast hosted by Ashley Bettis about the famed Touchdowns and Tutus charity event in Canton, OH. There is also a podcast coming called Scripted Film about model and adult industry entrepreneur Gail Thackray's life in partnership with 2 Coast Media, led by Laura Keats and Robert Misseri. And Citizen Cain is in production for a documentary project with Emmy award winning director Steven Leckart in partnership with production house Grain Media.

Olivia Dicopoulos, Vice President of Development at Citizen Cain Productions, is also onboard for the new venture. She previously had a role on the development team at the TV production company Love Productions USA.

"At Citizen Cain Productions, we are ready to adapt to current times, employ digital strategies, and we are not afraid to take risks,” Dicopoulos said. “Whether we are creating formats around talent or developing out of the box ideas, we are actively looking for ways to break the mold of what is currently out in the marketplace."

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