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Majority Of Podcasters Using AI Survey Finds.

Podcasters are not wasting time in embracing artificial intelligence. A just-released survey by Headliner finds two-thirds of podcasters report using AI to help them create, edit and promote their shows. Headliner says 63% of podcasters say they are using AI for several functions of their workflow. The most common is to help promote a podcast. It says 47% are using AI for marketing purposes, compared to 29% who use it for content creation and prep work, and 24% who use it for editing.

The most common feature of all is creating thumbnail art for their show with a majority 56% of those surveyed by Headliner reporting they use AI for image generation. About a third use it to help with social media marketing and about the same number use it for transcriptions. Headliner says about a quarter lean on AI when writing copy for their show.

“Our write-ins were overwhelmingly positive and reflected, that generally speaking, podcasters are excited about AI and see ways AI can be used to help or improve their processes,” Headliner says in a blog post. “The most common sentiment surrounding AI was that AI tools help save time and reduce workload, especially in areas podcasters do not particularly love (like promotion). Podcasters see a lot of value in tools that help streamline the post-production process and the ability to help create content.”

The biggest positive about AI is it allows a creator to save time – four in ten said that was an AI positive. Nearly a quarter (23%) say idea generation is a plus while 13% say content creation and six percent think AI improves show quality.

There are some downsides though. Headliner’s survey finds one in four of those surveyed (26%) said promoting can be difficult when using AI software, and 22% cite accuracy concerns. There is also a learning curve, something mentioned by 11%, while 10% said AI content has a “robotic” feel.

“Overall, negative sentiment was primarily centered around usability challenges, including the need for careful prompt engineering and difficulties in navigation or chatting with AI,” says Headliner. “Overall, podcasters are using AI and treat it like a teammate. AI does not take away from their creative processes but is there to help and streamline when needed. While certain things serve as roadblocks, like prompting and cost, podcasters are excited about AI. They are enjoying using it as the latest tool in their podcasting stack.”

The survey of Headliner users not surprisingly showed that most are using that company’s AI features. But among the others most-used are ChatGPT, Canva, and Descript.

The survey data is based on 248 podcasters located around the world. See its full results HERE.

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