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Magellan AI: Ad Load On Top 500 Podcasts Approaches 10% During Q1.

The amount of podcast episode time dedicated to advertising continues to climb, but newly released data from Magellan AI shows the difference in ad loads depends on how big a show is. Magellan says during the first quarter that U.S. podcasts ranked in the top 500 had 9.77% of episode time dedicated to advertising. That compares to 7.95% for shows ranking 500 to 3,000, and 8.25% for shows beyond the top 3,000.

Magellan AI says across the board, each strata of podcast has more advertising today than a year ago. Among the top 500 shows, the amount of time for ads rose 57% during Q1 compared to a year earlier, when 6% of episode time went to advertising. And there were similarly sized gains for shows beyond the top 500.

Across U.S. podcasts overall, Magellan AI says 6.65% of episode time this year is going to advertising. That is up from 4.7% two years ago. “Since 2022, average ad load across episodes sampled increased a relative 49%. In just 2024 to date, ad load has jumped 20%,” it says. Magellan also points out that another 2% of episodes, on average, are dedicated to podcast promotional messages.

Magellan AI’s analysis shows the prevalence of advertising is most pronounced on shorter-length episodes. Among U.S. shows that run 15 minutes or less, it says nearly a quarter (21.9%) of the episode content is advertising. For shows 15 to 30 minutes, that falls to 11.7%, while shows 30 to 60 minutes average 9.1%. Magellan says shows that run longer than one hour average 6% ad time.

In data first presented at The Podcast Show 2024 in London this month, Magellan AI says a majority 55% of ads on U.S. podcasts were brand advertisements during Q1. Another 42% were direct response ads. Among the markets where Magellan operates, only Canada had a higher proportion of direct response ads, at 55%.

Magellan AI also reports that nearly two-thirds (63%) of the ads it tracked were sold directly versus 37% sold programmatically. It said the U.S. had the most programmatic ad sales of any country during Q1.

Download Magellan AI’s analysis HERE.

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