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Los Angeles’ KFI Launches Podcast To Take On Rise Of Antisemitism.

There are a lot of motivations for launching a podcast. For Los Angeles talk radio station KFI (640), it was the chilling scene of a group of anti-Semitic protesters along an L.A. highway that became the motivation behind the launch of a limited-run series.

“I, along with others, recently watched in horror as anti-Semitic protesters were seen making Nazi salutes to passersby on the 405 freeway,” says KFI Program Director Robin Bertolucci. “As broadcasters, it is our duty to educate and inform our listeners and this podcast brings attention to the unseemly underbelly of Antisemitism which is sadly alive and well online and in our communities.”

That has led to the launch of a podcast titled Original Hate: Modern Antisemitism, which the iHeartMedia-owned station says aims to put a spotlight on the spike in hate crimes and how people inside and outside the Jewish community are helping to raise awareness with the goal of stopping Antisemitism and all incidents of hate.

Hosted by KFI’s Steve Gregory and Jacob Gonzalez, the podcast explores the evolution of hate crimes against the Jewish people, including the rise in Antisemitic hate crimes in recent years. Guests include scholars, Jewish educators, activists, a risk and threat analyst, and the curator of the traveling Auschwitz exhibit. Dr. Michael Berenbaum, who is with the American Jewish University, offers a behind the scenes look at the installation of the only authorized traveling exhibition of Auschwitz. Berenbaum is interviewed inside an actual barracks brought to the U.S. from a concentration camp in Birkenau, Germany. Other guests include a Jewish day school principal, a District Attorney, and an Asian-American artist who uses his talents as a muralist to honor a silent hero of the Holocaust.

Gregory says a radio version of Original Hate received “received overwhelming positive feedback” when it aired on KFI.

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