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LA’s Longest-Running Radio Talk Host Larry Mantle Teams With Son For New Podcast.

Larry Mantle, the of host of the longest-running daily talk show in Southern California – “Air Talk” on “LAist 89.3” KPCC Los Angeles – is jumping into podcasting. Mantle will partner with his son, Desmond, for a new LAist Studios podcast. Titled Passing the Mantle, the series features father and son exploring their curiosities about how the world has changed – and stayed the same – across generations.

"After nearly 40 years of hosting ‘AirTalk’ I wanted to take on the challenge of a podcast. It's a different kind of presentation than a live program,” said Larry Mantle. “It was particularly exciting that LAist management suggested I partner with my son, Desmond, to share our multi-generational thoughts on a wide range of topics including interracial relationships, religion, curiosity, and why we love LA."

In each episode of Passing the Mantle, Larry and Desmond, who is a student at Stanford Law School, will dive into a new subject or societal trend. LAist Studios says they explore how their contrasting careers, experiences and generations give them different insights into the same topics, revealing stories that neither of them has ever heard before. Episode topics include how young men are dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation in today’s world, society’s evolving approach to mental health and how food culture has changed over the years — in Los Angeles and elsewhere. 

“I’m very excited to show listeners that Dad and I really are like this all the time,” said Desmond Mantle. “We always seek out new ideas, diverse perspectives, and nuanced explanations for complex phenomena. My father and I think through things similarly but sometimes reach different conclusions because of our different ages, and I hope listeners will enjoy hearing how we discuss those issues across our respective generations.”

Beyond what is happening in society, LAist Studios says the podcast will also give listeners a peek into Larry’s relationship with his son and new insight into his life when he’s not on air. 

“Desmond has been an occasional AirTalk guest since he was a child and his thoughtful, curious approach to current events and history – and his dad’s life on- and off-mic – is a fresh and fun way to show a different side of the Mantle family,” said Shana Naomi Krochmal, VP of LAist Studios.

At 65, Larry Mantle has been with KPCC since “Air Talk” began on April 1, 1985. 

“Larry is always looking for new ways to connect with LAist listeners, and when he pitched this idea for a weekly podcast, we were thrilled to explore the idea together,” said Krochmal. “Larry has proved to be an enthusiastic and eager student of new platforms, including on-demand audio and the ways that co-hosting a podcast is different – and also sometimes similar – to his career work as a live radio host. 

Passing the Mantle will release new episodes every Monday.

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