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KSL Returns To True Crime Genre With ‘The Letter’ Podcast.

KSL Podcasts today launches a new true crime series. This time the Bonneville-owned unit is teaming up with Lemonada Media to create a show called The Letter. The eight-episode series hosted by journalist Amy Donaldson tells the story of a Salt Lake City murder.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve written so many stories about how violence destroys lives,” said Donaldson. “I feel incredibly grateful to have an opportunity to tell the story of how people rebuild their lives."

The series tells the story of the murder of Zachary Snarr, which took place on August 28, 1996. That is when a gunman walked down a mountain hillside, approached two friends, and pulled the trigger. Snarr died, but Yvette Rodier pretended to be dead until the gunman left. She crawled to the top of the hillside with bullet wounds in her head and leg and flagged down a passing car. The gunman’s choice to shoot two people he’d never met rippled through many lives – from the families of his victims to his own family.

Throughout the podcast, Donaldson speaks with Zachary’s family and friends, as well as Rodier, who survived the shooting. The series takes a turn when it is revealed that Zachary’s mother, Sy, forgave her son’s killer.

“The story behind The Letter is so powerful. The themes of redemption, the journey through grief and forgiveness are rarely told in a true crime podcast,” said Tanya Vea, Executive VP of Bonneville and KSL. “We are thrilled to partner with the talented Lemonada team to bring this powerful story to listeners.”

The Letter becomes the first true crime podcast series for Lemonada. “We share an ethos of applying our core values to the work we create, and when we received The Letter for consideration, we were honored,” CEO Jessica Cordova Kramer said.

KSL Podcasts also worked with the talent and content management and production company Workhouse Media on the production.

Donaldson joined KSL Podcasts in 2021 and she previously hosted Talking Cold, the companion series to its Cold podcasts.

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