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Katz: Target Consumers With Messages That Relate To Where They Listen To Radio.

The majority of U.S. consumers continue to listen to the radio out-of-home (OOH), with 73% of weekly radio listening (Adults 25-54) happening in the car, at work, stores, or at other locations, according to Katz Radio Group's analysis of Nielsen’s June 2023 RADAR release.

“As radio usage is predominantly away from home, it is able to reach consumers where and when TV and other media cannot,” Katz writes in its Sound Answers blog. “Radio's usage complements other media, filling the messaging gaps left when consumers are in the car and on the go – where and when it is most actionable.”

Middays enjoy the highest share of OOH listening, followed closely by afternoon drive, at 80% and 79%, respectively. “Not surprising, as these hours coincide with traditional workdays and regular business hours,” Katz says. “These are the hours most likely to reach consumers on the go and primed for messaging, including retail, grocery, restaurant, and automotive-related advertisers.”

OOH accounts for 60% of evening listening, while 65% of listening on weekends takes place out-of-home.

Evenings are the most listened-to daypart for in-home listening at 40%, followed by weekends at 35%. To target at home listeners Katz suggests, “Brands can tap into consumers' attention spans at home by delivering messaging related to home-based products and services, non-store retailers, and even aspirational brands, such as travel.”

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