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Katz Survey: Localized Creative Boosts Purchase Intent.

Localizing radio creative brings an added level of targeting for advertisers, leading to spots that are more likely to break through and grab listeners' attention. Brands that reference listeners' locations increase their relevancy, producing ads that are more impactful. These are the conclusions from a Katz Radio Group test of two versions of audio ads for a specialty retailer, insurance brand, and healthcare provider across three different geographies.

Katz surveyed 950 adults to compare the impact of generic ads to those with localized references. The results showed that while every tested ad improved purchase intent, the ads that incorporated local elements into the copy averaged a 24% boost in effectiveness in the featured markets.

The results varied by ad category. For example, a specialty retailer saw a 43% lift in purchase intent from the localized ad, an insurance brand experienced a 22% boost and a healthcare provider got a 7% increase.

“Consumers like a personalized touch; they appreciate the brands that mention their city or state in their advertising,” Katz says in a post on its Sound Answers blog. “Market names, area landmarks, accents, and other unique market features are just some of the ways that brands can localize generic ad creative to diversify copy and help boost consumer engagement,” Katz says.

According to the Katz creative analysis, listeners are 77% more likely to pay attention to advertising that mentions their city or state. Eight in ten of those surveyed think advertising is more impactful when it makes references to where they live. And 80% appreciate the brands that mention their city or state in their advertising.

“Spot radio's ability to deliver tailored creative by market ensures that all brands on-air have the opportunity to tap into the local flavor of an area, target consumers with creative, and increase purchase intent,” says Katz.

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