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Katz Study Finds Radio Ads Increase Intent To Visit Theme Parks.

A recent case study conducted by Katz Radio Group suggests that when it comes to radio advertising, amusement parks should come along for the ride.

The study, conducted in July among 850 adults, shows that for two radio campaigns for regional theme parks airing in key markets this summer, intent to visit those parks increased an average 30% among consumers who heard the spots.

“Radio is an ideal platform for regional theme parks to grow interest among receptive and responsive consumers,” Katz's report says. “It should be no surprise that radio advertising helped drum up excitement and drive consumer action for both theme parks. The radio campaigns successfully broke through and resonated among target consumers, leading to greater consideration in the near and distant future.”

Indeed, the research shows nearly seven in 10 (67%) agree that “radio advertising encourages me to learn more about theme parks, and potentially visit them in the future,” while more than seven in 10 also agree that “it is smart for theme parks to use radio advertising to get people excited” and that “including roller coaster-themed sound effects can help make radio ads more impactful.”

Katz's analysis notes that “not only are listeners more likely to visit the theme park after hearing radio advertising, they are also more likely to take other actions as well. Whether visiting the park's website, reading reviews, or talking to friends about it, radio acts as a catalyst.”

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