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Katz Partners With Audiomob, Widening U.S. Reach Of Mobile Gaming Audio Ads.

Katz Media Group's Digital Audio division has struck a deal with UK-based mobile gaming advertising platform Audiomob, giving the company a U.S. foothold to reach a potential 230 million monthly consumers with in-game audio ads.

The partnership makes Katz the first U.S. media sales company to use Audiomob's technology, allowing game developers to insert audio ads into games, ensuring they can monetize games without disrupting the player’s gaming experience, while guaranteeing that ads will always be audible when played.

“This creates a better ad ecosystem for developers, advertisers and players,” Audiomob's website says, “one that gives players more control over when and how they experience in-game ads.”

According to Katz Media's press release, Katz Digital Audio currently provides advertisers access to more than 5,000 audio streams and 250,000 podcasts. Audiomob, meanwhile, projects to scale 3 billion impressions per quarter by the end of 2023.

“The integration of audibility technology also has practical applications for Katz’s sizable stake with advertisers at local and national levels,” the release says. “Advertisers will be able to better target key audience demographics, which also strengthens Katz’s political advertising portfolio, especially in the run-up to the 2024 U.S. elections.”

Katz Digital Audio President Scott Porretti says, “We’re excited to help advertisers ignite growth by tapping into Audiomob’s impressive in-game ad technology to reach consumers everywhere audio exists. With 155 million mobile gamers in the U.S., mobile gaming has massive universal appeal across all demographics.”

Audiomob CEO Christian Facey adds, “Working with Katz, we can help advertisers to scale in a hyper-engaged medium, by providing only the most relevant audio ads. This ultimately helps to build more credibility and trust between brands and users.”

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