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John Roa Promises ‘Hyper Honesty’ In New Podcast About Business Success.

John Roa realizes most people probably have no idea who he is, or why he has a new iHeartPodcast Network show. He says so right up front on his new podcast’s preview. But the entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, and angel investor may change that with a show that promises a different way to talk about business success. It came while living in Mykonos, Greece, where he stayed during a four-year European adventure after selling his design consultancy ÄKTA to Salesforce in 2015 for a reported $31 million. “In those years that I realized how much bullshit is out there, that people like me put out there, when it comes to success and entrepreneurship and how important it is to promote more honesty and vulnerability about our real humanities,” said Roa.

But it was not yet a podcast. That came after Roa was done writing his forthcoming book, “A Practical Way To Get Rich and Die Trying,” which is set for release Sept. 8. “The book then led to the idea of a podcast,” he said. That led him to iHeart and the launch of The John Roa Show.

It promises not to be the same sort of victory lap that some business leaders take on their podcasts, based on a recent Roa Twitter post that said 49% of entrepreneurs have a diagnosable mental health condition. “Let’s talk about this more,” he wrote.

“The purpose [of the podcast] is to expand on these topics with other crazy and interesting people, celebrities, creative leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians, billionaires, big healthy raw epic conversations with one thing in common—hyper honesty,” said Roa. “I’m tired of sensitivity and I’m tired of being politically correct. Let’s talk about the grey areas of success and the rollercoaster that comes along with it. There’s a lot to learn from people with meaningful perspectives in an unfiltered setting.”

Every Monday, recorded from his New York City apartment, Roa’s podcast will release new episodes. It will feature guests such as Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter, songwriter and producer Keyon Harrold, Melissa Ben-Ishay of the bakery chain Baked by Melissa, and writer and comedian Janelle Draper. 

Roa said after each guest interview, he plans to feature a group of regulars to talk about a wide range of topics and include listener calls.

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