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John Fix, The Analyst Behind P&G’s Rise To Radio’s Top Advertiser, Announces Retirement.

John Fix, the analytics and data guru credited with bringing Procter & Gamble back to radio in a big way, has announced his retirement. The Senior Media Analyst at the CPG giant has touted radio’s reach and efficacy for years, resulting in hundreds of millions of ad dollars flowing to the medium. During his tenure, P&G rose to become radio’s top parent company advertiser.

In a spot tracking tally for the week of Oct. 9-15 from Media Monitors, P&G placed 14 different brands among the top 100 radio advertisers led by Vicks at No. 4 with 43,938 spot occurrences. That’s up from nine brands among the top 100 radio advertisers one year ago.

In appearances with then-Nielsen Audio Managing Director Brad Kelly at the 2017 and 2019 Radio Shows, Fix said that radio delivers much-needed reach for the Cincinnati-based company. Its radio outlay has only grown in the years since, as P&G rose to become radio’s top parent company advertiser.

“We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror,” Fix posted on LinkedIn accompanied by #retire, and #retirement.

Fix has been with P&G for more than 27 years with his current title listed as Most Senior Media Analyst, Data Scientist, Planner, Forecaster for CMK, and A&I NA Oral Care. He joined the company in July 1996 as a Process Engineer, overseeing daily operations, performance evaluation, and product test execution of a baby care manufacturing pilot line.

Prior to his nearly three decades of service at the company, Fix was a Senior Design Engineer at Cameron, and earlier at Williams International and GE Aircraft Engines.

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