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Jan Brandt Discusses Leading AOL Through The 90s On Bob Pittman Podcast.

Jan Brandt, Vice Chair Emeritus of America Online/Time Warner and former CMO of AOL loves being known as “the queen of no.” As CMO AOL in the 90s, Brandt grew their subscription base by being keenly attuned to customers’ desires—and to the potential for home internet access to transform their lives.

She discusses her time at the groundbreaking online service with iHeartMedia Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman on the latest episode of “Math & Magic: Stories From the Frontiers of Marketing.”

Brandt explains why she would never fire someone for making a mistake and the habit of hiring the smartest people. “My feeling has always been, ‘You want my job. Come get it. Come earn it,’” she says on the podcast. “I have only benefited throughout my life in hiring the smartest people that I could convince to work with me.” 

During her time running AOL, Brandt says she and her staff “had such enormous energy. We had such maniacal focus, you had to have it to be around me. I became known in the early days as the queen of no. What that meant was, ‘No, we're not working on that. No, we're not working on that either. This is what we're working on,’ and keeping people really, really, really focused.”

Listen to the latest episode HERE.

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