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Investigation Discovery Partners With Acast To Launch Slate Of True Crime Podcasts.

If the television network Investigation Discovery were a podcast genre, there is little doubt which one it would be. The channel dishes up a succession of true crime programming around the clock. So, its move into podcasting – where true crime is one of the hottest categories – isn’t far from the script. This winter Investigation Discovery – or ID as it often calls itself – will roll out a slate of original podcast programming and the network has just struck an exclusive distribution partnership with Acast for those shows. 

“At ID, we have staked our claim as the greatest storytellers in true crime television, and it’s due time that we give our viewers another platform to engage with our content,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery. “We have the most robust pipeline of true crime and mystery programming in the business, and simply put, no one does it better than ID. We are excited to offer another outlet for our fans to explore cases beyond the screen, and we know our viewers will also turn into devout listeners as we transform our storytelling from eyes to ears.”

ID says each of its podcasts will embody a unique format, ranging from traditional narrative true crime series to topical talk show content to companion podcasts designed to complement traditional television programming. Acast will handle the distribution of ID’s podcasts and it will also manage sponsorship and advertising on the shows. 

“Trailblazers like ID are central to the evolution of the true crime genre,” said Tim Ruggeri, Senior Content Manager at Acast in the announcement. “We're excited to work with them to bring their leadership, expertise, and compelling programming to fans through podcasting.”

The first show to launch next month is Red Flags, a weekly talk show designed to be a one-stop shop for all the latest buzz in the true crime world. Hosted by crime writer Tori Telfer and armchair detective turned Tik Toker Karina Michelle, the podcast will feature their true perspectives and analysis as they lead listeners through the latest crime headlines. The first season will include 20 episodes with the weekly show set to debut Nov. 12.

Then on December 15, ID will launch a narrative podcast titled The Clown and the Candyman. The podcast reveals a network of pedophiles that allegedly connected two serial killers, Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy. The podcast promises to offer listeners new evidence, personal interviews and details and insights about the crimes. The Clown and the Candyman will also serve as a prequel podcast to a companion miniseries airing on ID under the same title in January. 

In early 2021, ID will release the anthology series Unraveled. Hosted by investigative journalists Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter, the podcast will feature a series of episodes dedicated to one true crime topic. Unraveled will begin with a seven-episode arc surrounding the Long Island Serial Killer who since 2010 has become one of the most infamous cold cases in U.S. history.

Investigation Discovery and Acast said additional podcasts are also in development.

ID will have a large platform to promote its shows. The network currently reaches 80 million U.S. households and in addition to social media, it also has the true crime blog, CrimeFeed.

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