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Introducing 2023’s Most Powerful People In Podcasting.

It has been a year with lots of changes, and that has brought plenty of new faces to the 2023 edition of the Most Powerful People In Podcasting from Podcast News Daily and Inside Radio. We received a record number of nominations, resulting in a list of nearly 700 names that our panel of experts narrowed down. From indie creators to executives at the biggest publishers, and from Hollywood to rural America, this year’s list includes a wider array of power players than ever before in a fitting evolution as the podcast industry itself diversifies and looks more like the world around us.

To compile the list, we invited readers and our editors to nominate podcasters they believe warrant time in the spotlight for their work advancing the industry. Our editorial board made the final selections. Once again, this year’s Most Powerful People In Podcasting is not a ranking. Instead, it is a side-by-side celebration, in alphabetical order, of the people whose influence is felt far and wide.

Read the 2023 Most Powerful People In Podcasting HERE.

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