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Inside Info: B2B Services Companies Can Use Radio Effectively to Reach Influencers.

Lead generation is generally accepted as the top priority for almost all B2B companies and many studies have found content, email and social media marketing are the primary lead-generation strategies. Analysis of data from The Media Audit’s 2020 60-Market Aggregate Report reveals B2B services companies can use radio in conjunction with other strategies to maximize their reach of those who influence decisions about many business services and products, including banking, accounting and legal services.

The primary influencers of many of these services are adults 18–49, especially three of the most important: banking 70.0%, accounting 69.2% and legal 62.4%. Additional analysis indicates larger percentages of these business-services influencers listen to at least 60 minutes of radio daily than all adults 18–49.

“A time-tested marketing/advertising strategy is to target your audience via more than one channel to reinforce the messages in both,” said Tim Robisch, West Coast Market Manager, The Media Audit. “B2B services can significantly maximize their marketing return through the additional frequency radio’s audio messaging provides to their other marketing channels. Increasing the benefit, adults 18–49 are the prime radio listeners when compared to their counterparts.”

The Media Audit’s 2020 60-Market Aggregate Report includes many other categories of business services influencers/decision makers and the data reveals large percentages of those 18–49 also listen to at least 60 minutes of radio daily.

For example, IT and health care/insurance are two business-services categories requiring careful consideration before deciding which vendors offer the best service at the best price. Of those adults 18–49 who influence IT services, 80.4% listen to at least 60 minutes of radio daily, and 76.9% of those who influence health care/insurance.

Three other business services – office space, office equipment and office furniture – are typically marketed in a retail environment, compared to banking, accounting, legal, IT and health care/insurance. Using radio to reach the influencers of these office services/products is even more compelling.

“Our business world and economy has evolved significantly with so many people working from home. Many of them are permanent and have discovered they need to add and/or upgrade office equipment and furniture in their homes,” added Robisch. “Retailers who market these business products with radio derive increased benefit by reaching both the home worker and the businesses that often reimburse or provide an allowance to pay for the products those workers need.”

Although radio may be under the radar for many B2B services companies, the opportunity to maximize their reach of the crucial influencers/decision makers with radio, as indicated from The Media Audit survey data, may be a competitive advantage they shouldn’t overlook.

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