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Inaugural Black Podcasting Awards Set For September.

The idea for the Black Podcasting Awards was born in a pre-pandemic tweet when a suggestion by author and podcaster Georgie-Ann Getton-McKoy for an awards show that would recognize black podcasting voices and experiences was quickly embraced. Within hours, she had founded the Black Podcast Awards, enlisted a crew of volunteers, supporters and sponsors and set a September date for its first-ever event.

“Black Podcasting Awards is a celebration of the ownership and creation of content for the black experience in the world of podcasting,” the organizers say. “Through a curated list of categories, we aim to elevate black voices within the audio field. Voices that may not receive the recognition they deserve, in a marketplace that often overlooks the candor of black digital expressionists. We are here to bridge the gap, amplify our own and celebrate those who have paved the way, as well as, provide a foundation for the up and coming voices of black podcasters.”

Black Podcasting Awards is accepting nominations through July 31. It is charging $8 per entry through June 21, after which the fee will go up to $18. The 2020 award nominees will be announced in mid-September. 

Podcasts must have been either produced or published between Jan. 1, 2019 and April 30, 2020. Entrants must have at least six episodes published during the above qualifying period and still be producing and publishing content. And organizers say if a podcast hasn’t published a new episode in 2020 “it is unlikely to qualify for this year’s award competition.”

Winners will be announced during a live virtual broadcast on Sunday, Sept. 27. That’s three days before International Podcast Day. A forthcoming Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds to pay for a physical awards ceremony.

The categories in the 2020 awards include:

Most Cultured Podcast: Speaking on Black culture throughout the world, and the traditions that helped shape that culture, various languages, whether dead languages or not, historical imprints, myths vs facts, etc. It can also include uplifting cultural expressions such as photo reviews, cultural events, etc.

Most Informative Black News Podcast: Podcasts that speak on current events that are occurring within the Black community, such as police brutality, job openings, and unique person-of-interest stories, etc. Must be informative in regards to either local or international news and current events.

Best Food(ie) & Drink Podcast: Podcasts that speak or introduce foods and drinks to their audience. It can include ASMR, food critiquing, cooking shows, wine tastings, etc. Must be more than the host drinking on the show, yet if they do partake there has to be an importance on the food and drink that is being consumed.

Best Comedy Podcast: Podcasts that are based on comedy, whether it be telling jokes or speaking on the comedy industry. These podcasts can be live standups, interviews, speaking on current events from a comical standpoint.

Best Film/TV Podcast: Podcasts that are based within the Film or TV industry, whether it is doing a movie or tv review or even speaking on upcoming projects. These podcasts can also cover movie premieres, tv cancellations, background work, auditions, controversies on set, etc. It can also be interview-based with guests that are within the industry.

Best Music Podcast: Podcasts that are based within the music industry, whether it is doing new or old music reviews, speaking with artists about upcoming projects, live performances, and any controversy within the industry.

Best Sports Review Podcast: Podcasts that are based within the sports industry where they discuss different sports, or even specifically one sport or team. It can include pee-wee and other youth sports, high school, college, and professional sports national and international. Due to COVID-19, these podcasts can also include the future of televised sports.

Best Fashion or Black Fashion Podcast: Podcasts that focus specifically on fashion in the Black industry, which includes fashion history, designers, models, fashion blogs and magazines and can dip into entertainment but specifically the influence of fashion in the entertainment industry.

Most Black Girl Magic Podcast: Podcasts that highlight the wonderful Black women doing amazing things within our community, past, present, and impending future. These podcasts can cover powerful women past and present, the future of women, women’s rights, women’s health, innovations made by women, laws affecting women, etc.

Best Black Mental Wellness Podcast: Podcasts that focus on mental wellness centering on self-care, coping strategies, therapy, and ending mental health stigma in the Black community. These podcasts can also discuss the progress, or lack thereof, regarding Black wellness, the intersectionality of other industries on Black wellness (ex: prison industry), current legislation surrounding the topic, and more.

Best Black Beauty Podcast: Podcasts that are based within the beauty industry, whether it is doing nails, makeup, or reviewing products.

Best New Podcast: (within a year; new as of July 1, 2019) Podcasts within this category can fall under other category topics that were included, as well as unincluded in the BPAs list. These podcasts must have more than 10 episodes in order to fully grasp the direction of the podcast. Must also include descriptions.

Best Finance Podcast: Podcasts that are based within the Finance industry, whether it is stock market, banking, real estate, or other finances.

Best Black Business Podcast: Podcasts that are covering business “free game” in the Black business world, Black Wall Street, Black business shoutouts. This is related to providing business tips, dos, and don’ts, what practices to consider, and/or steps to take. May also interview successful business owners in any industry.

Best International Podcast: Podcast featured in another country other than the US, possibly non-English speaking. Podcasts within this category include what it is like to live within the country, the languages that are spoken, the history of the country, current events, culture, and daily living. If the country is non-English the language must be listed, and English translation provided.

Best LGBTQ Podcast: Podcast focusing on the lives of LGBTQ individuals, trending topics, news, celebratory events, and overall PRIDE. This can include Ballroom culture, Film and TV, Pride event coverage, House and other related music, history on legends and icons to the community, and news.

Best Parenting/Family Podcast: Podcast based on family and parenting values, tips, stories, encouragement, and practices. Podcasts within this category can overview the daily challenges of parenthood, especially in relation to the current COVID-19 Zoom culture, being a stay at home parent vs working parent.

Best Sex Podcast: Podcast talking about sex. This can include sexual health, sex tips, rape culture, sexual assault, safe sex practices, reproduction health, menopause, vasectomies, and more. These podcasts can also discuss norms around sex vs the taboo, underground cultures, sex toys and shops, porn culture, internet sex, and more.

Best Relationship Podcast: Discusses relationship topics, advice, healthy and unhealthy, how-to’s, etc. These podcasts can speak on internet dating, social media’s influence on dating, marriage and divorce rates, dating abroad, LGBTQ+ dating, etc.

Black Podcast Of The Year: These podcasts are those that have gained popularity rather quickly, are consistent with episode releases, have detailed notes and descriptions, and bring in guests and other opinions for different perspectives.

Find more information including how to submit a show HERE.

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