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IEHP, iHeartRadio Partner For Better Health.

In a bid to promote a healthier lifestyle, the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) has joined forces with iHeartRadio to launch a groundbreaking bi-weekly podcast series, "Covering Your Health." This initiative, aimed at carving out just fifteen minutes from the daily routine, is set to be a vital resource for the Inland Empire (San Bernardino, Riverside, CA) community. The inaugural episode, hosted by local radio personality Evelyn Erives, is available now.

Jarrod McNaughton, the CEO of IEHP, expressed the significance of the podcast in empowering the community to make positive health choices. "IEHP's vision is to provide members with resources that support optimal care and vibrant health, and this is another opportunity for us to make good on our promise," McNaughton emphasized.

The debut episode featured McNaughton himself, offering listeners a glimpse into his life experiences, insights into the healthcare industry, and discussions on essential topics like the Medi-Cal renewal process and Covered California. Erives, the host, will continue to bring in diverse guest experts for each episode, covering a spectrum of health-related subjects such as mental and maternal health, nutrition, and the importance of regular checkups.

Erives, midday host at 99.1 KGGI in Riverside and weekend host at KOST FM, expressed her enthusiasm for the podcast, highlighting its potential to simplify complex health topics. "Covering Your Health" is not just a platform for disseminating information but also a journey of exploration for Erives, who seeks to learn alongside her audience, fostering open conversations.

"I care for the residents like family, and it's important to me they stay up to date on their health to help detect and prevent health issues before they become more serious," Erives said, emphasizing her commitment to the well-being of the community. She envisions the podcast as a valuable resource, providing information and insights that resonate with the residents of the Inland Empire.

The podcast promises a diverse array of guest experts, ranging from direct care providers such as hospitals and physicians to quality and community health executives, all dedicated to improving the health landscape of the community. Episodes of "Covering Your Health" are set to release every other Monday on the iHeartRadio app and other podcast platforms.

For those eager to stay connected with the latest updates and IEHP-related content, the podcast and additional resources can be found at Social media enthusiasts can also follow IEHP on Instagram at iehp_healthcare and on Facebook at

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