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How Effective Is That Audio Ad? Knowing The Score Just Got Easier.

Veritonic, the creative research and analytics company that provides testing and performance tech for audio, has launched a new software interface designed to make it easier to view audience engagement scores. Known simply as Veritonic’s API, the new offering lets broadcasters, podcasters, audio streamers, agencies, tech companies and other stakeholders to view audience engagement test results in whatever system or tools they use.

Among other things, Veritonic is known for its Audio Logo Index, which ranks everything from the classic Intel "bong," to newer sonic brands from Disney+ and Mastercard. But its audio scoring isn’t limited to huge brand advertisers. Using machine listening and learning it calculates measurement scores for audio ads, podcast ads, functional sounds, music, podcast clips, voiceovers and other audio elements. They’re scored based on various effectiveness attributes including recall, engagement, and intent. Publishers and agencies use the scores to make decisions about when and where to use their audio assets, and how they can be further optimized to increase return on investment.

“We remain committed to providing the audio industry with seamless access to the data and insights that are elevating campaign performance and increasing ROI,” Veritonic CEO Scott Simonelli said in the announcement. “Our API enables critical audio efficacy metrics to sit alongside an asset for the first time, unlocking unprecedented scale and making analysis and decision-making faster and more streamlined than ever before.”

Veritonic says the scoring system uses machine learning to determine the performance of audio based on years of data, research, and comparative assets.

Michele Arnese, founder and CEO/CCO of amp sound branding, an agency that specializes in sonic logos, says he plans to integrate the new tool into his shop’s Sonic OS platform, which evaluates sonic identities. “This API will enable us to simplify the process of evaluating and optimizing our assets at all stages of the sonic branding development process, creating even more impactful and measurable audible experiences for our clients.” Arnese said. Amp sound branding’s clients include Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

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