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How Audio Marketing Reaches Potential Restaurant Customers.

As states reopen following COVID-19 restrictions, consumers are going out for meals more often. Even so, about a quarter of all adults are still not using restaurants at all and some have a higher level of discomfort about in-restaurant dining now than in April.

The report cites a new Bank of America survey of 1,000 people on June 18: 48% of the respondents said they would feel comfortable going to a restaurant before Labor Day, compared to nearly 60% of respondents back in April.

The audio medium is well positioned to reach those potential restaurant goers this summer. Nielsen reports radio listeners are ready for the rebound with consumers that are ready to go are 25% more likely to be heavy radio listeners (Source: Custom Nielsen Study, April 30-May 2, online survey, A18+).

That same study shows that heavy radio listeners are likely to spend more than the general population on food, beverage and dining (7% dining out at a restaurant; 6% takeout from restaurant or fast food).

Restaurant advertisers using radio achieved a website traffic lift of 13% (Analytic Owl, March-April 2020).

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