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Here’s What’s New In Podcasts This Week.

Actor Brian Baumgartner returns to podcast with a new series with trans actress Emmy Olea also launching a show showcase her unique life story. There’s also a new podcast that is a deep dive into what Sin City tells us about American culture, while another examines the connection between our celebrity obsession and the tabloid magazines. Also among the new podcasts is a series about the boyband BTS.

Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting –

Off The Beat with Brian Baumgartner is a new series from iHeartRadio. Following the success of his hit podcast, The Office Deep Dive, actor Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin Malone) is taking listeners even deeper into “The Office.” Each week he sits down with TV stars, celebrity personalities, athletes and more to talk about their favorite jobs. Each episode will feature laughter, crying and tons of inappropriate jokes as Brian and guests discuss the inner workings of the television industry, their favorite moments on set, never-before-told stories and secrets and moving on from their most iconic roles.

Crumbs is a new podcast from Sonoro and Trojan Horse in partnership with iHeartMedia’s My Cultura Network and Executive Producer Alex Fumero. The series is an intimate exploration of the life of Mexican-American, trans actress/activist Emmy Olea. Told in both English and Spanish, the podcast is about what it means to be truly loved and how important it is to never settle for crumbs. Fumero will take listeners on her journey through insurmountable obstacles - addiction, abuse, immigration to the U.S., being raised by drug runners for the Tijuana cartel - all while exploring the minefield of online dating.

Conviction: The Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan is a new podcast from Spotify’s Gimlet. The third season of the critically acclaimed Conviction series will follow Emmy Award-winning journalist Habiba Nosheen’s investigation of a missing Muslim woman, who vanished in 2006 from the Canadian city of Hamilton.

As Nosheen begins to look into the case, which has several strange aspects from the start (for one, Nuseiba Hasan went missing in 2006, but wasn’t reported missing for nine years), she uncovers unexpected parallels between her own life and Hasan’s. Both Nosheen and Hasan grew up in conservative Muslim families and were first-generation Canadians; just like Nosheen’s own daughter, Hasan’s daughter was put up for adoption.

“When a white woman goes missing, there is a lot more coverage and a lot more outrage. But the same can’t be said when the missing woman is a person of color,” said Nosheen. “We hope this series will give this case, and Nuseiba’s life, the space that it deserves.”

Conviction: The Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan will premiere on February 22.

Spectacle: Las Vegas is the second season of its critically acclaimed podcast, Spectacle, with a deep dive into what Sin City tells us about American culture. The 12-part series explores the cultural legacy and importance of the city on American society as it examines the complex ways in which Las Vegas became a place that explores people’s deepest desires.

“Las Vegas is more than an escape from reality; it’s a city on the cutting edge. Where Vegas goes, America follows,” said host Brent Holmes. “This city has been on the forefront of transgressive cultural shifts, beginning with legalized gambling and anti-prohibition drinking. We’re excited to share that trajectory with listeners and hold up Las Vegas as a window into American culture.”

The show is produced by Neon Hum, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment. Joanna Clay is the Senior Producer, Catherine Saint Louis is the Executive Editor, Stephanie Serrano is Associate Editor, Navani Otero is the Associate Producer and Jonathan Hirsch is Executive Producer.

Calling Bullsh!t is a new iHeartRadio original podcast series that digs through the BS that companies say they stand for, and what they actually do. It is hosted by Ty Montague, co-founder, Chairman and Chief Purpose Officer of Co:Collective. In the show he will invite journalists, authors, leaders and CEOs of the world’s biggest brands to explore whether so-called “mission-based” companies are practicing what they preach—or pulling the wool over consumers' eyes. Each episode features panel-style discussions with experts and changemakers on how these brands can clean up their acts and drive meaningful action and transformation for a better world.

Maxine Miles is a brand new iHeartRadio original scripted mystery podcast with a choose-your-own-adventure ending. From audio drama creator Lauren Shippen, the podcast is about Maxine Miles, a normal teenage girl from a sleepy New England town. Her humdrum life is shaken up by the disappearance of a fellow student named Riley. As Maxine starts to sniff around for clues, she begins to discover big secrets course through the veins of her small hometown. As the mystery unfolds, listeners will get to choose between three endings at the end of the season. While Riley’s fate remains the same in each ending, listeners' choices have dire ramifications for Maxine and other characters, and the most popular ending will become the official ending for the season—meaning those consequences will carry over into the next season. New episodes will be published each Wednesday.

Lights, Audio, Action! is a new podcast from St. Louis Public Radio, the Missouri Film Office, and the Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship Program. Listeners can immerse in the minds of film, theater and television writers in raw performances of dramatic table reads. The show will feature new scripts coming to life in the spirit of classic radio dramas with a modern approach from Missouri actors, directors and producers.

“It’s an ideal mechanism for showcasing Missouri writers, directors and actors,” said Jade Harrell, STLPR’s Director of On-Demand and Community Partnerships.

Each of the segments are written by and about Missourians and feature local directors and actors. Throughout the show, listeners will be drawn into the narrative with compelling stories and innovative sound design. Lights, Audio, Action! was created and developed for STLPR by Michael D. Francis and Michael D. Francis Presents.

Damages is a new podcast from Critical Frequency, reported and hosted by investigative climate journalist Amy Westervelt. Damages is a courtroom drama that follows the hundreds of climate lawsuits currently active all over the world. It's a show about the quest for justice and a crime against humanity: the climate crisis. The first season explores "rights-of-nature" laws, which bring Indigenous approaches to nature into Western judicial systems by giving ecosystems the same rights that individuals have. Westervelt also hosts the climate podcast Drilled and Rigged, exposing the history of disinformation.

Third Wheel is a new series from PodcastOne. Hosted by actress and author Jenny Mollen, the show will focus on what makes a healthy, committed relationship. Mollen, wife of actor Jason Biggs, and a mother of two, will sit down with couples in pop culture to focus on the trials and triumphs that make couples tick.

Guests range from Chelsea Handler and Jo Koi to Karamo Brown and Carlos Medel to Heather and Terry Dubrow, discovering what makes a healthy, committed relationship. In each episode Mollen poses the questions no one else is asking to get to the bottom of why each couple has lasted and what truly cements them as a duo; power dynamics, triggers, issues and more.

“Jenny Mollen’s witty, raw and honest commentary on relationships, parenting and life in general delivers an honest take on topics at the forefront of everyone’s minds. ,” said PodcastOne President Kit Gray. “PodcastOne is thrilled to give Jenny a platform to explore other people’s insights and thoughts on relationships and couple goals. We cannot wait for everyone to be able to listen and hear what celebrity relationships are all about.”

The series launches Feb. 22.

BTS7 is a new podcast from Snippet.FM about the South Korean boy band BTS. The podcast is co-hosted by DJ Randi Lavik and Amber Park. Lavik is the first American to dedicate an entire FM radio show with BTS music: “The Drop” on “KX FM 104.7”. KXRN-LP Orange County, CA.

“When hit BTS songs infiltrated mainstream American radio, DJ Lavik dug deep, playing lesser-heard tracks, B-sides, and early releases from the multi-platinum K-Pop group,” says Park.

BTS7 will feature both the music and news of the band as Lavik and Park say they aim to make a show that is more than the average “fangirl” podcast.

Coin Bureau is a new iHeartRadio podcast about the wild world of cryptocurrency. Hosted by crypto expert Guy Turner who dives deep into crypto projects and shares his unbiased tips and tricks for investing. Each episode provides detailed information about cryptocurrency and its happenings without any gimmicks or hype.

Love Thy Neighbor is a new podcast from Pineapple Street Studios that looks back at the events surrounding the four-day race riot that broke out in the New York neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn in August 1991. The event divided the neighborhood’s Black and Lubavitch Hasidic community. It was set off by a deadly car accident of a young Caribbean boy, sparking off four days of turmoil that ended with the killing of an Orthodox man and hundreds of arrests. The podcast is hosted by Collier Meyerson, who not only lived in Crown Heights for eight years, but also has a unique perspective as someone who is both Black and Jewish.

Through what Pineapple Street says are deeply personal, new and archival interviews with residents, scholars, and activists, Love Thy Neighbor will show how those four days in 1991 were a flashpoint that shaped a dark new era of politics, policing, antisemitism and anti-Black racism in New York City.

New episodes available weekly on Tuesdays through March 15.

Bone, Marry, Bury is a new murder fiction podcast from Dear Media and RomComPods. The R-rated story stars actors Sarah Hyland, Harvey Guillén, Tommy Martinez, Adam Pally, Josie Totah, and more. BMB follows 26-year-old Allie, played by Hyland, who’s closing out the worst year of her life; her best friend and narrator, Gabe, will be played by Guillén. The show was created and executive produced by RomComPods, a studio founded by Pod People CEO Rachael King and Becca Freeman, co-host of the Bad on Paper podcast.

Bad Vibes is a new podcast from Betches. The Gen Z-focused series is hosted by 23-year old TikTok stars Alexis Barber and Talia Lichtstein. The weekly podcast will cover everything from pop culture and online trends to influencer gossip and dating norms, and no one’s feelings will be spared. They will also take to the Bad Vibes Hotline to answer listener-submitted questions.

“I’ve been a fan of Betches since I was 14—and I’ve been a loudmouth with too many opinions since forever—so the opportunity to voice what I’m thinking about topics relevant to women my age through a Betches platform is quite literally a dream come true,” says Lichtstein. “I couldn’t be happier with mine and Alexis’s dynamic both on-air and outside the studio, and Betches has allowed us so much freedom to make this our own.”

Barber adds, “As a 23-year-old trying to make it in NYC, it feels like lots of content is pandering to me and my generation and all of it is missing the mark. I’m ecstatic to have a space to say what my friends and I are actually thinking, whether it’s how to survive as the youngest person at your corporate job or simply rating TikTok trends. On Bad Vibes, we’re ready to criticize other people, just as much as we do ourselves.”

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? is an audio version of the Investigation Discovery television series of the same name. Each episode features audio lifted directly from the series and reveals the true stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until they discovered a shocking secret about their partner. New episodes drop weekly on Mondays.

Reading Between the Wines is a new podcast that is an audio book club. It is hosted by Winnona Glass and Keagen Moore, who will discuss a book and then a wine that pairs with the book or is referenced in the book. The first 20-25 minutes of the episode recaps the book and the second half aims to make the show’s listeners better educated wine buyers and make wine accessible to those without time to read and do extensive research.

Classified is a new podcast from QCode. The series follows Ivan Harris, a slightly paranoid smooth talker who finds himself trapped in the mysterious Ravenholm Institute. Ivan claims to be sane, but his cries are ignored by the imposing Doctor Bell, who insists that Ivan be treated until he’s free of his delusions. While enduring painful procedures and under the heavy watch of the attendants, Ivan formulates a plan of escape with the other patients. Ivan yearns to get back to his partner, Odessa, but does she even exist? Is Ivan really a trained killer? He is planning his escape with the help of his imaginary friend Lark, so what is actually going on? And What does Ravenholm have to do with it all?

The series was created by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg. Starring Wyatt Russell, Brent Jennings & Monica Potter. New episodes come out every Monday for free, with 2 additional episodes available for early access for QCode+ subscribers.

Just Like Us: The Tabloids That Changed America is a new podcast from The Ringer. In this eight-part series, host Clare Malone explores the behind-the-scenes of our celebrity obsession—from magazine newsrooms, to the paparazzi boom, to the rise of reality television—and tells the story of how tabloids helped shape our national psyche.

Welcome to Paradise is a new podcast from the CBC. As one of Canada’s most respected journalists, Anna Maria Tremonti has a reputation for being fearless and hard-hitting. She’s reported from some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones. But, none were as immediately threatening as life at home. In this six-part memoir, Tremonti reveals the deep trauma of an abusive marriage. The result is a profoundly intimate portrait of a powerful woman confronting the source of tremendous pain and trauma and, remarkably, freeing herself from a life-long sense of shame.

“For a long time, I thought what happened to me gave me the empathy to help other people tell their stories of trauma. I didn’t think I should talk about my own – journalists aren’t supposed to talk about their own issues. But, in the midst of one interview in particular, I realized my silence wasn’t helpful. It was becoming a lie,” says Tremonti. “Decades ago, I got away from the man who abused me. But what he did to me has followed me for the rest of my life – in the form of shame, self-blame and loathing. I’m finally letting that go – Welcome to Paradise is my story.”

Nothing Is Foreign is a new podcast from the CBC. Hosted by Tamara Khandaker, the series is a weekly trip to wherever the story is unfolding. “I grew up at the intersection of a bunch of different cultures and spent my formative years with an incredibly diverse group of friends. That upbringing has given me a deep appreciation for other places and cultures, and allowed me to think of myself much more as a global citizen,” says Khandaker. “I've been craving a show that looks at world news through that lens, and that's what Nothing Is Foreign will do – it'll go deep, center the people who are living the news, and be curious about the histories that make us who we are. It'll help listeners feel more connected to the world around them and make it feel just a little bit smaller.”

True Dating Stories is a new podcast from the CBC. Whether it’s true romance or a night gone horribly wrong, this series offers the greatest real dating stories ever told. These sexy, jaw-dropping, comedic re-enactments will make listeners laugh, cry, and quite possibly swear off dating altogether. Based on the CBC Gem TV series.

The OPC is a new original scripted podcast series from Mozine Productions focusing on ageism. The OPC, short for The Old People’s Channel, was written by Richard Curtis, has completed production with a cast of 30.

“I created The OPC not just for an older audience but a younger one as well. For, as our hero Bernard Bentlee says, ‘young people are old people in training’. The most gratifying response to the series has come from the young actors, who told me that The OPC brought them closer to their grandparents and other elderly people,” said Curtis. “I think you’ll recognize and enjoy many of the characters young, old, and middle-aged that you meet in The OPC. Indeed, maybe you’ll come away agreeing with me that the aged are society’s most precious resource.”

Season One of The OPC introduces Bernard Bentlee, a wealthy octogenarian who has invested his fortune, and his family’s inheritance, in a risky new media venture. Is he living a pipe dream and destroying his family’s future, as his daughter Annette accuses? Or is he a genius whose vision bridges the generation gap, fully supported by his Gen Z granddaughters?

“When Richard first told me about his idea for The OPC, I knew that I had to do whatever I could to get this project off the ground,” said Director Megan Simard. “We’re living in an era of major social transition, and The OPC depicts our generational differences with so much authenticity and honesty that I am certain it will appeal to a broad audience. There’s something for everyone in this show! Directing The OPC has been a thrill and I cannot wait for our listeners to hear the stellar cast of thirty voice actors who worked so hard to bring Richard’s script to life.”

A modern twist on the classic radio play format, The OPC is equal parts comedy and heart. And more is on the way: a second season is being scripted.

“Since the beginning of our journey with The OPC, I've just begun to understand the nuances of what it truly means to be ‘old’ in America - and that it's far more complicated than I ever imagined,” says technical producer and sound engineer Steve Mecca. “Working on this show has given me a new sense of purpose; and that is to help open the eyes of younger generations so that everyone can find a new sense of respect for our more experienced citizens, and for the next in line to feel just a little better about growing old in America.”

The OPC will debut Feb. 24.

Sold Out: Rethinking Housing in America is releasing a second season of the podcast from KQED San Francisco. Hosted by KQED housing affordability reporters Molly Solomon and Erin Baldassari, the second season will explore the system of evictions and why many tenants have been made more vulnerable to evictions. As so many sit on the precipice of eviction, Solomon and Baldassari will look at evictions from all angles – including the way evictions impact not only individuals, but communities; who is most likely to be evicted; the power of property ownership; the right to counsel in a court of law; and how rental assistance can help keep people housed.

The Parting Shot is a new podcast from Newsweek. The weekly show hosted by writer and comedian H. Alan Scott, brings to life the last page of the print magazine. The Parting Shot will publish every Friday.

The Leisure Class is a new podcast from Newsweek. Hosted by Jack Sonni, musician and former guitarist for Dire Straits, discusses music, spirits, food and lifestyle.

“Through my years spent as a musician, writer, marketing executive, father and grandfather, I’ve learned that you can’t take life for granted,” Sonni said. “This show is an extension of that philosophy, an ode to the beautiful moments, music, and meals we should savor. I can’t wait to trade stories with my guests and keep learning every week alongside Newsweek’s listeners.”

The Leisure Class will be published weekly.

King Lear is the latest Shakespeare adaptation by the Play On Podcasts and Next Chapter Podcasts. Marcus Gardley’s translation of King Lear is set in a San Francisco where anything can happen at any moment, where madness is barely constrained beneath the brittle veneer of gentrification and homes are kingdoms taken merely for granted. Infused with a jazz score that evolves in time with Lear’s decline, Next Chapter’s Play On podcast series is a harrowing journey into the essence of life, death, love, and loss. New episodes are released weekly.

“Translating King Lear was a dream project. Being able to have this podcast and share it with the world is a phenomenal way of sharing this timeless story to new and familiar audiences. Having it placed in the Bay Area feels like the perfect location because of the themes around class, the wealth gap, and the importance of community and legacy,” said Gardley. “What’s great about Shakespeare’s text as a podcast is you can literally give your brain candy by just sitting down and listening to these characters grapple with huge ideas. In this world, people are literally aching for peace – peace of mind, peace from worry – these podcasts are great medicine.”

Next Chapter Podcasts in partnership with Play On Shakespeare earlier released podcasts that reimagined Shakespeare classics Macbeth, Pericles, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Coriolanus.

Tech Vs. Media is a new podcast from CurtCo Media. It is hosted by Richard Wolpert, a 35 year veteran of Technology and entertainment (Apple, Disney, RealNetworks, 4xCEO) who shares the his lessons learned on past, present, and predictions of the future of media and technology, and of how these two categories have and will continue to converge or clash. Having been on both sides of the technology and media industries, Wolpert has learned the good the bad and the ugly. Every episode features a C-Level guest from the fields of entertainment and media who will share their personal insights, state of the industries today, and predictions for the future for these rapidly changing fields. New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Why Am I Telling You This? with Bill Clinton is launching its second season. The podcast from iHeartRadio podcast features Clinton in conversation with guest such as Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist Jason Isbell, as well as other artists, writers, athletes, and activists.

“With deep division taking tighter and tighter hold across America and all around the world, it’s clear that we all need to know each other better,” said President Clinton. “So I wanted these conversations to celebrate our differences and people’s unique gifts that make life interesting, but affirm that our common humanity matters more.”

Why Am I Telling You This? is a co-production of iHeartRadio, the Clinton Foundation and At Will Media and is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network. Craig Minassian and Will Malnati serve as Executive Producers.

The collaboration with iHeartMedia benefits the Clinton Foundation’s work to improve public health, create economic opportunity and empower the next generation of leaders. It builds on the work of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Untold Story: Criminal Justice is a new series from Lemonada Media. Hosted by actor and producer Jay Ellis (Insecure, Top Gun: Maverick), this new three-part season of the hit serial podcast The Untold Story, which tackles criminal justice system issues. It includes a look at how our nation’s courts and prisons are complicated systems that are difficult to understand and navigate. As a result, thousands of people are wrongfully incarcerated, creating after-effects that ripple through our entire society. The season is a follow up to the first season in which Ellis set out to explore the untold story of policing, with the goal of demystifying police union contracts, separating truth from fiction, and delivering some concrete steps that can end violent police misconduct across the United States.

Modern Love is releasing a new season of the New York Times series that is based on the weekly love column in the newspaper. The new 10-episode season also brings a new host, Anna Martin, who will also produce the series. Each week, Martin brings listeners the most popular stories from the column, along with insightful conversations with the authors, and documentary segments exploring the complex world of love and relationships.

Column creator Daniel Jones and editor Miya Lee will remain engaged with the podcast both on air and behind the scenes. “I’m so excited to have Anna come on board,” said Jones. “She has all the skills, smarts and heart to lead the “Modern Love” podcast into the future and to deliver on what the show has always done best: Make people feel things.”

New episodes drop every Wednesday afternoon.

Under the Influence with Jo Piazza is launching its second season of the iHeartRadio show. This season, Piazza will be exploring what it means to be a woman on social media. Piazza will examine the worlds of mental health influencing, adoption influencing, fertility influencing and more. Topics discussed will include: teachers turning to social media influencing to make extra money for classroom supplies and to supplement their meager incomes; the dangers of mental health influencers who are not licensed therapists; fertility influencers taking the place of doctors when it comes to advising women on how to get pregnant, the dangerous para-social relationships that can grow between influencers and consumers and the terrifying ways that predators can use photographs of our children that are posted to Instagram.

In season one, Piazza explored the effect that mom influencers have on society, taking listeners on a deep dive behind the scenes of the “Mom Internet” - examining the rise and power of Mom Influencers and how the commodification of motherhood has driven many mothers to the edge of their sanity.

“The response to the first season of ‘Under the Influence’ was unlike anything I have ever seen,” said Piazza. “I still get hundreds of messages a day from women who are eager to know more about how social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and how to live a better life in relation to it.”

Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery is a scripted podcast from Einhorn’s Epic Products and iHeartRadio that sees everyone’s favorite teenage detective investigate the twisted mystery of the infamous Lit Killer murders. Join Tig and her friends for a brand new season of episodes, as they return to Hollow Falls for the grand reopening of the Montague Hotel. But just as things seem to be okay, the town is in for a rude awakening when bodies begin to appear along with antique music boxes next to each new victim. Can Tig, Wyn and Max stop the killer in time, or are they too close to the suspects to uncover the truth? Find out in a brand new season.

Badlands: Hollywoodland is releasing a new third season. The ten-episode season the Double Elvis series will feature stories of the biggest scandals, crimes, and other mishaps from Hollywood’s biggest celebrities will be explored – no secrets left behind. Targets of this season include Heath Ledger, Jack Nicolson, Gianni Versace, Tim Allen, and Robert Downey Jr., among others. Bandlands is a spinoff of Disgraceland. Badlands is hosted by Jake Brennan. New episodes will be released each Wednesday. As a bonus, Amazon Music listeners can binge all 10 episodes of the new season, on-demand.

The Big Hit Show is launching a new season of the Spotify music series, this time focusing on Kendrick Lamar’s2015 album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” The five-part podcast is hosted by music journalist Alex Pappademas.

The Black Business of Broadway is a new show from The Broadcast Podcast Network. The bimonthly podcast will highlight the stories, how to’s and successes of the Black administrators, producers, directors, managers, creatives, and legends of Broadway. It is hosted by Gennean Scott, who chats with these professionals and helps listeners find a career on Broadway. Guests in the first round of episodes include producer Brian Moreland (Thoughts of a Colored Man), SpotCo Chief Operating Officer Aaliytha Stevens; stage manager/producer Cody Renard Richard, general manager Nzinga Williams, League Road Vice Chair Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Tony Award-winning producer/press agent Irene Gandy; with many more to come.

Hear Me Now Podcast is a series from The Providence Institute for Human Caring. The show invites two renowned physicians to discuss what's wrong, what's right, and what can be done better for patients and loved ones living with serious illness.

Just My Type is a new health podcast from Global Wellness Apps. Hosted by Sami Parker and Dobie Maxwell, who are both living with diabetes, the show features the pair duo talking about the highs and lows of diabetes while having fun along the way.

"When we connected Sami and Dobie for the first time, the whole team on the call knew that this was going to be something special. Sami and Dobie are your friendly diabetes neighbors who are excited to tell you their stories and listen to yours,” said Global Wellness Apps CMO Elizabeth Varkovetski.

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