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Gardening Industry Pivots. Radio Reaches Target Customer.

Consumers are more than ever interested in gardening, but what and how they are buying has changed, causing industry players to rethink their own growth plans. notes that younger consumers, especially, are getting in on the gardening action. In April, according to an analysis of transactions made through digital payments provider Klarna, Gen Z (ages 18-23), millennials (ages 24-39) and Gen X (ages 40-55) all increased their share of spending on home and garden products. Share of spending on items, including plants, grew by 40% among Gen Z, 4% among millennials and 2% among Gen X in the week ended April 25.

So what can radio do? Perhaps reach more of these customers than any other media.

The latest Share Of Ear Study from Edison Research shows the vast majority (44%) of audio listening among those aged 25+ takes place on an AM/FM receiver, with mobile devices coming in second at 24%. “The picture is completely different” for Gen Z, said Megan Vartan, Manager of Research at Edison, who presented the results during the virtual event. “Half of all listening among Gen Zs is on their mobile devices, essentially their phones.” Contrary to the commonly held notion that Gen Z’s don’t listen to radio, 20% of their audio listening takes place on an AM/FM receiver, more than that which occurs on a computer (12%), smart speaker (4%) internet-connected TV (4%) and other (9%). “They do listen to the radio, perhaps more than you would expect,” Vartan said.

More from that study HERE.

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