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Four In Ten Consumers Show Interest In On-Demand Content From Local AM/FM Personalities.

For AM/FM radio, there's more good news for expanding the brand. According to the results of a survey conducted by broadcast software provider Futuri, 42% of U.S. consumers say they are very likely or likely to watch or listen to free on-demand content from local AM/FM radio personalities.

The online survey of 1,200 U.S. consumers aged 18-64 also shows interest in on-demand content from local TV personalities and local business owners or business leaders.

“Our research shows that media companies that leverage local content as a competitive feature of their business plan are at an advantage,” Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig says. “By leaning into on-demand broadcast audio and video content, local media companies can take advantage of the rise in streaming consumption and diversify their revenue streams wisely.”

As to what that on-demand content should be, the study shows that 56-60% of those surveyed feel content focused on saving money, escapist entertainment, fun things to do locally and consumer activities and hobbies are most important.

When asked about AM/FM radio use over the next year, 28% of the sample say they plan on listening more often, while 46% say the same. The “more often” share is highest for Millennial males (age 26-41) at 35% and Gen Z females (18-25) at 34%, with GenX males (42-57) also over indexing the total sample with 30%.

Anstandig presented the results and commentary in a recent webinar, which can be accessed here.

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