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For Vitamin Ad Effectiveness, Radio's Just What The Doctor Ordered.

According to a NumericOwl analysis of more than 150,000 radio ads airing January-August 2021, radio increased vitamin and nutrient retailer site activity by 7%, delivering over 5,300 new visitors to those sites after radio ad exposure, and driving a 228% boost in new users and 191% increase in total users on days when these ads were on air.

“This increase is indicative of radio’s power to influence consumer behavior and move them along the next steps of the purchase funnel – brand consideration and eventually, brand purchase,” RAB Senior VP/Insights Annette Malave says, reporting the study results in its latest “Radio Matters” blog.

Also notable from NumericOwl's survey: while most may take those vitamins first thing in the morning, it's the evening daypart that shows the highest number of new site visits per ad airing. Morning drive, meanwhile, actually delivers the lowest number of new visits per airing, even while delivering the same level of users as afternoons. In addition, the highest new site visitor activity occurs on Thursday, followed by Friday.

RAB's blog stresses the importance of this market with additional research from the American Osteopathic Association reporting that 86% of Americans take vitamins, and from the Council for Responsible Nutrition showing 83% of adults believe vitamins and supplements play a role in their overall health and wellness. Additional statistics show COVID's impact on use, where nearly two in five supplement users changed their consumption habits at the onset of the pandemic, with 91% increasing that consumption.

“As a high-reach medium consumed by adults of various lifestyles and backgrounds, radio provides the perfect platform to reach consumers, from the die-hard wellness fan to the health and wellness novice,” Malave says. “Radio not only helps boost emotional attitudes and wellness, but it can aid physically as well.”

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