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For Ad Buyers Looking To Break The Cookie Habit, One Podcast Company Has A Predictive Option.

As the digital advertising world adapts to the loss of cookies, one podcasting company is looking to bring to audio a new cookie-free ad solution that it says will still allow for relevant, efficient, and privacy-friendly ad targeting capabilities.

The podcast platform Libsyn says its new Predictive Contextual Targeting leverages cutting-edge technology, audience data, advanced speech-to-text transcription, and intelligent categorization. Together, it extracts the contextual essence of thousands of individual podcast episodes and then classifies content across hundreds of thousands of subcategories. As a result, ads are precisely delivered to the right listeners based on their content preferences – no cookies required.

Libsyn says its new tool enables advertisers to target with increased precision and at scale — on par with other advanced, digital media channels. Advertisers can connect with desired podcast audiences across hundreds of consumer segments, such as Fast Casual Restaurant Users, Interest in Home Improvement, In Market for Electric Vehicle, Pet Owners, Big Box Store Customer (By Brand) and Life Stage – Retirement, among others.

“Podcast advertising is gaining momentum, attracting more advertisers eager to connect with vast and engaged audiences, and we recognize the growing need for sophisticated targeting capabilities,” said Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer of Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast. “The launch of Predictive Contextual Targeting underscores our dedication to empowering advertisers with advanced targeting capabilities to achieve their brand goals, whether it's direct response or brand awareness.”

Libsyn says its new ad tech will offer advertisers access to a total combined inventory of approximately 500 million monthly impressions worldwide through AdvertiseCast and its European sister Julep Media.

“With the combined scale of Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast and Julep Media, we’re unlocking the potential for advertisers to reach a diverse, global audience,” Steffen Hopf, CEO of Libsyn Julep and Head of International at Libsyn said. “North American brands can now effortlessly target European listeners and vice versa, empowering advertisers to build their brands and forge meaningful connections across continents.”

Advertisers can access Libsyn’s Predictive Contextual Targeting solution through ads bought directly from the company or via campaigns purchased in the programmatic and private marketplaces across the most popular demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Since launching its proprietary programmatic advertising with Automatic Ads for podcasts hosted on Libsyn, the company says AdvertiseCast has achieved significant scale with an early limited release, on track to deliver 500 million monthly impressions. And per Podtrac, its ad network has a unique U.S. monthly audience of nearly 14 million listeners in July which is a larger reach than individual publishers such as the New York Times, NBC News, the Walt Disney Company, CNN, Paramount, and the Fox Audio Network.

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