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First A Book, Then A TV Show. Now ‘Who Was?’ Is Becoming Kid Comedy Quiz Podcast.

The Netflix series “The Who Was? Show” – which was based on the bestselling “Who Was?” children’s history and biography book series – is about to take on another medium. Publisher Penguin Workshop, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers, is teaming up with iHeartMedia and Radio Point to create The Who Was? Podcast, a new kids’ comedy quiz show.

Co-hosted by writer and comedian Elliot Kalan and writer and actor Meghan O’Neill, each episode of the podcast features games, fun facts, and sketches about trailblazing historical figures that will keep listeners laughing and learning. Each episode revolves around two historical figures that have been paired together for obvious, and sometimes not so obvious, reasons. Contestants between the ages of 8-12 years old will join in a friendly competition for a chance to be rewarded with a selection of Who Was? books and a set for their school library.

“The success of ‘The Who Was? Show’ on Netflix helped us realize all the different ways Who HQ could spark a curiosity for history outside of a traditional biography format,” said Francesco Sedita, President and Publisher of Penguin Workshop. “As we continue to expand our title list to include board books, graphic novels, and more, we are beyond thrilled to partner with iHeart, Radio Point, and the fantastic team behind The Who Was? Show to bring engaging history to young podcast listeners and their families.”

In the premiere episode titled “Marie Curie and Milton Hershey,” two kid competitors test their knowledge of scientist Marie Curie and chocolate entrepreneur Milton Hershey. Other historical pairings featured in the season include Frida Kahlo and Walt Disney, Harriet Tubman and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Aretha Franklin and Stan Lee, Michael Jordan and Amelia Earhart.

“Who Was?” has been an amazing kids’ franchise for years now, and we’re excited to team up with Penguin Workshop and Radio Point to bring this series into podcasting,” said Will Pearson, COO of iHeartPodcasts. “The podcast world needs a laugh-out-loud kid’s quiz show and we’re thrilled to give our listeners something they can enjoy with their families.”

The podcast’s first season debuts March 16 and will consist of 45 weekly 30-minute episodes.

The Who Was? book series began in 2002 with the publication of just four books. Since then, it has evolved into a brand encompassing over 300 titles across seven series lines. With more than 50 million books in print worldwide, it’s now the biggest nonfiction series for middle-grade readers.

Children ages 8-12 have a chance to win a selection of Who Was? Books and a set for their school library on the Who Was? Podcast! Parents can email for casting information.

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