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February PPMs: Music FMs Muscle In On News/Talk’s Dominance.

News or news/talk captured three of the top four positions in Washington, DC; three of the top five in Seattle – including the top two slots – and ranked No. 1 in Boston and San Diego. But plenty of music FMs gobbled share and moved up in Nielsen’s February PPM survey. CHRs trended up in Washington, Boston, Miami, Seattle and San Diego.

After news/talk and all-news extracted a combined 30 share from the Washington, DC market in January, the format’s lock on our nation’s capital dips slightly to a still impressive 27.5 share in Nielsen’s February survey, claiming three of the top four positions. American University news/talk WAMU (8.3-13.4-10.2) drops three shares to a narrower lead over second place Hubbard Radio news/talk WTOP (8.1-9.9-9.9). Howard University adult R&B WHUR is third (7.5-7.3-8.1) nabbing a big share increase to remain in third place, followed by Cumulus Media news/talk WMAL (4.6-5.9-6.0) and iHeartMedia AC WASH (15.2-6.0-5.9). Among the DC market’s biggest gainers in February are iHeart classic rock WBIG-FM (3.3-3.3-4.7) and CHR sister WIHT (3.0-2.7-3.2).

In Boston news/talk and classic hits are locked in a first place tie with iHeartMedia’s WBZ (6.5-8.2-7.5) and Beasley Media Group’s WROR-FM (5.6-7.5-7.5). Third place goes to rebounding iHeartMedia CHR WXKS-FM (5.4-5.3-6.2), which jumps from seventh to third, followed by Beasley sports WBZ-FM, up a notch from fifth (5.3-5.7-6.1), and Entercom classic rock WZLX (6.4-6.1-6.1) dipping from third to fifth. Other notable Beantown gainers include Beasley rhythmic AC WBQT (1.8-1.8-2.2).

Miami Movers

The top five in Miami remains largely the same as in January although high-flying Cox Media Group AC WFEZ (8.1-7.6-9.1) busts out of its first place tie with adult R&B sister WHQT (7.1-7.6-7.6). Univision Radio Spanish hits WAMR (5.6-6.0-5.6) hangs in third place while Entercom AC WLYF advances from fifth to fourth, trading places with Spanish Broadcasting System Spanish classic hits WCMQ (5.5-5.8-5.4) Miami market movers also included Entercom country WKIS (2.8-2.6-3.2).

Seattle’s top five is mostly a repeat of January with Bonneville news/talk KIRO out front (7.2-7.4-7.3), followed by Puget Sound Public Radio KUOW (6.4-7.3-6.7) and Entercom active rock KISW (5.4-6.2-6.5) marking its 50th anniversary with another up book. iHeartMedia classic rock KZOK (4.6-5.6-5.4) inches up a slot to fourth, trading positions with Sinclair Broadcast Group news KOMO-AM & FM (4.6-5.7-5.2). Seattle gainers include Friends of KEXP’s KEXP (3.6-4.3-4.9) posting a third up monthly to rank sixth, a rarity among non-commercial adult alternatives. KEXP ties iHeartMedia classic hits KJR-FM (3.3-4.3-4.9). Also on the upswing in Seattle are iHeartMedia adults hits KJAQ (2.4-2.8-3.4) and Pacific Public Media KNKX (2.3-2.3-3.0).

In Detroit, iHeartMedia adult R&B WMXD (6.1-6.3-6.6) widens its lead over No. 2 Entercom classic hits WOMC (4.7-6.1-6.2) while iHeart AC WNIC bounces back (16.6-5.5-6.1). Beasley Broadcast Group classic rock WCSX (4.8-5.5-5.5) is flat in fourth as active rock sister WRIF (4.9-5.0-5.0) moves up to fifth, bumping Entercom sports WXYT-FM from the top five. Motor City movers include iHeartMedia classic rock WLLZ (2.5-2.9-3.5) and Beasley Media Group rhythmic AC WMGC (2.8-2.4-3.4).

iHeart Wins Four Of Phoenix Top 5

Shifting to the Sun Belt, iHeartMedia AC KESZ hangs on to the top spot in Phoenix (16.7-7.3-7.1) as country sister KNIX (5.0-5.2-5.4) advances from fourth to second, pushing news/talk sister KFYI (4.6-6.0-5.3) to third with adult hits sister KYOT up to fourth. That gives iHeart four of the market’s top five stations. Hubbard Radio classic hits KSLX (4.6-5.3-4.8) rounds out the top five. On the upswing in Sun City are Entercom classic hits KOOL-FM (3.9-4.0-4.7), Hubbard active rock KUPD (4.0-4.1-4.7) and alternative sister KDKB (2.4-2.1-2.8).

Meanwhile, Hubbard hot AC KSTP is closing in on double digits in Minneapolis (6.2-7.5-9.8) taking the pole position away from MPR news/talk KNOW (8.3-9.5-8.5) with iHeartMedia sports KFXN (7.8-8.4-7.4) moving down a notch to third. iHeartMedia classic hits KKQL (11.5-5.5-5.7) and country sister KEEY (4.2-5.0-5.3) are fourth and third respectively.

In San Diego, news/talk takes two of the top five positions: San Diego State University KPBS (5.9-6.2-6.4) moves from second to first while iHeartMedia news/talk KOGO (5.1-5.7-5.3) takes fifth. Sandwiched in-between are Entercom classic hits KXSN (5.7-6.7-6.2), Univision Radio regional Mexican KLNV (4.6-5.9-5.6) and Comunicación Xersa rhythmic AC XHRM (3.8-4.3-5.4). Also moving up in the February survey are iHeartMedia hot AC KMYI (4.0-4.0-4.5), and Comunicación Xersa CHR XHTZ (4.2-3.2-3.9).

Rare Tampa Tie For No. 1

In a rarity, perennial Tampa leader Cox Media Group soft AC WDUV (9.0-7.7-7.0) shares the top spot with Radio Training Network contemporary Christian WCIE (4.9-5.9-7.0). Beasley Media Group classic hits WRBQ gets a big boost (5.4-5.6-6.5) and holds steady in third followed by Cox Media Group news talk WHPT (4.1-4.8-5.1) and Cox classic hits WXGL (5.6-5.3-4.8). On a fast track in Tampa are Cox Media Group AC WWRM (3.6-3.3-4.1), Beasley Media Group classic rock WPBB (2.4-2.5-3.2) and Spanish contemporary sister WYUU (2.3-2.1-2.6).

In Denver, Bonneville country KYGO-FM makes a big move (5.1-5.7-7.4) unseating Colorado Public Radio news/talk KCFR (7.2-7.5-7.1) from No. 1. Also making a sizable rebound is iHeartMedia classic rock KRFX (3.7-4.0-5.3) which leaps from seventh to a tie for third place with KSE Radio Ventures classic hits KXKL (4.4-5.1-5.3), followed by Bonneville AC KOSI (13.3-5.3-4.8). Also trending up in the Mile High City is Entercom hot AC KALC (2.3-3.5-4.0).

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