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February Format Counts: Spanish-language, Contemporary Christian On The Up-and-up.

America's 10 most programmed radio formats, according to Inside Radio/PrecisionTrak's monthly format counts, stay in the same rank order for an eighth consecutive month, led by country, religion (including religious teaching, hymns, and other related content), and news/talk.

What's notable about that top three is that neither has added a new station so far in 2024. In fact, all have lost anywhere from one to four outlets. That's also the case for the formats ranked from seventh to 10th: classic hits, classic rock, sports, and top 40 have shed from one to nine outlets year-to-date.

Sixth-ranked variety – defined as stations with three or more distinct formats, either block-programmed or simultaneously – shows mixed results in this regard, having added four since December 2023 while losing a net 13 in the past 12 months. It should also be noted that the opposite is true for religion and top 40, which gained 30 and 6 outlets respectively year-over-year while adding none yet this year.

This leaves fourth- and fifth-ranked contemporary Christian and Spanish-language as the only formats in the top 10 gaining both ways. Spanish adds five stations year-to-date and 18 year-over-year, while contemporary Christian brings in an additional two and 25.

Aside from variety, three of the top 10 formats have shed stations in double-digits since last February. Country is off by 20 outlets, news/talk 18, and sports by 12.

Monthly format count trends show just one, contemporary Christian, up steadily in total stations since October 2023, adding 20 over the past four months (1,358-1,368). Gradually trending in the other direction are news/talk, which has shed eight since November 2023 (2,007-1,999), and country, which since last June has lost 27 stations in a steadily downward trend (2,186-2,159).

As for formats just below the top 10, neither 11th-ranked adult contemporary nor 13th-ranked alternative rock has added any stations since November 2023, with the former off by 12 (553-541) and the latter up two (424-426) year-over-year. Hot AC in 12th sheds both ways, down 16 (458-442) since February 2023, and five since December.

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