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Famed Director Peter Bogdanovich’s Final Act: Hosting Podcast Dedicated To Movie Greats.

Two years after filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich’s death, the Academy Award-nominated director and writer will come to life in a new podcast that he recorded before he passed away in Jan. 2022 before the series could be completed. The podcast, which features Bogdanovich in conversation with some of the greatest directors past and present, was temporary shelved. But eventually his ex-wife Louise Stratten stepped in to serve as narrator and co-host, with three-time Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro filling in as host for the final three episodes of the seven-episode limited-run series being released by Audacy. 

In each episode, Bogdanovich – and del Toro for the final three –sits down with a contemporary prominent director to pay homage to a master, offering insight and perspective on the influence and impact the legends who came before them had on their career and filmmaking. Guests include Orson Welles, Greta Gerwig, Quentin Tarantino, and Alfred Hitchcock from both new and never-before-heard archival interviews. Audacy says the discussions are uniquely candid and provide unprecedented access to moviemaking greats and include the auteurs who inspired Bogdanovich. The result is One Handshake Away: Peter Bogdanovich & The Icons of Cinema, a podcast that it is coproducing with Turner Classic Movies.

Audacy Executive VP of Podcasts Jenna Weiss-Berman calls One Handshake Away a “treasure trove of intimate, fascinating conversations” with leading directors of our time. “Peter Bogdanovich is the epitome of a Hollywood legend – a master behind the camera and a devoted student of the greats who came before him,” she said.

The series is a fitting final project for Bogdanovich too according to Stratten. She says he loved appearing on Ben Mankiewicz’s The Plot Thickens podcast produced by TCM. 

"It inspired him so much that he wanted to take his old recordings of his interviews of these original directors that mentored and inspired him and started his career," Stratten said. "He had the idea to come full circle and share his treasure chest with the current directors that he admired and were friends with to have a conversation about them and to keep these directors that inspired him in the current conversation. Hence One Hand Shake Away.” She thinks Bogdanovich would be very excited and proud that his podcast has now been finished, and that TCM is involved with the project.

To promote the podcast, TCM on Monday aired a block of programming inspired by One Handshake Away featuring three Hitchcock movies – Notorious (1946), The Wrong Man (1958), and I Confess (1953). It also aired excerpts from conversations between Bogdanovich and del Toro.

One Handshake Away: Peter Bogdanovich & The Icons of Cinema will launch with the first two episodes on Wednesday, February 7. New episodes will be released weekly through March 13. 

Bogdanovich had his most critically acclaim with the film “The Last Picture Show” in 1971. He went on to direct several films, including the hit screwball comedy “What’s Up, Doc?” (1972) and “Paper Moon" (1973). He also published over twelve books on various aspects of film and filmmaking, including the bestseller, “Who the Devil Made It.”

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