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Expected Rebound For Commuting ‘Great For Radio,’ Says NuVoodoo.

Just-released results of a study conducted by NuVoodoo shows that while just under one-third of respondents are currently working outside of their homes, over 40% expect to be working somewhere other than a home office by year's end. That proportion increases to nearly half of respondents who are likely to be ratings participants. When factoring in the greater likelihood of out-of-home workers to be listening to AM/FM stations, the results suggest ratings growth for radio as more listeners return to offices.

“The return to work outside the home is great for radio,” NuVoodoo Executive VP, Research Leigh Jacobs says. “While FM/AM streaming consumption is slightly better among those who work from home compared to those who work outside their home, total at-work radio listening is better among those who work outside the home.”

The nationwide study of over 3,100 respondents ages 14-54 conducted in early June asked participants to give a snapshot of their current work situation and forecast what they expect it to be by the end of 2021. Just under one-third of total study participants report currently reporting to work somewhere other than a home office, but overall expectations suggest an 11-point lift in out-of-home commuting by the year's end.

Among likely ratings participants, which NuVoodoo estimates represents nearly one in six study participants, respondents already report going to work outside the home at a higher rate compared to overall sample, and almost half expect to be working outside the home by year’s end.

With nearly one in five out-of-home workers listening to AM/FM radio most of the time, compared to 14% of those working from home, the expected increase in those returning to an office clearly benefits radio in the coming months.

“We’re encouraging stations to focus their marketing message of the return to commuting and work,” NuVoodoo Executive VP, Marketing Mike O’Connor says. “We’re calling our webinar series ‘Reboot the Commute’ because that’s where we see the growth opportunity for our clients.” That series, reviewing the study's results and what they mean for radio, begins July 21, with registration HERE.

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