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New iHeart Podcast Puts Border Murder Mystery In The Spotlight.

Gangs, organ traffickers or even devil worshipers are some of who people say could be behind the long-running and mysterious discovery of hundreds of women along the Mexican border city of Juárez. The new iHeartPodcast Forgotten: The Women of Juárez will examine the strange symbols carved on their bodies, some with wrists bound with shoelaces.

“It’s been 15 years since I first heard about these murders and I’ve been haunted ever since,” said co-host Mónica Ortiz Uribe in the show’s preview. “How is it possible how these crimes remain unsolved?”

“On our journey to find out,” said co-host Oz Woloshyn, “we talk to victim’s families, FBI agents, and a psychologist who claims to know one of the culprits.” Their investigation took him and Uribe to a dangerous part of Ciudad Juárez, where many of the women disappeared — some in broad daylight, none with any witnesses.

For Uribe, it is familiar stomping ground. Based in El Paso, TX, she’s a veteran public radio reporter working along the U.S.-Mexico border and a Texas correspondent for KJZZ Phoenix (91.5).

Woloshyn is an Emmy- and Peabody-winning producer and writer who previously created the Sleepwalkers podcast. It focuses on artificial intelligence, with a second season currently under development.

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