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Even They Love Traditional Radio: SiriusXM Now A Top 10 Radio Advertiser.

Last fall, SiriusXM launched its biggest national ad campaign to date designed to position it as a live entertainment destination. In the week after the Christmas holiday, the satellite broadcaster brought "The Home of SiriusXM” multi-media effort to broadcast radio in a big way, running 33,794 spots. That was triple the amount aired the week prior, putting SiriusXM among radio’s top 10 advertisers for the first time ever.

The latest tally, which reflects the week of Dec. 27, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022, sees several wild swings as advertisers changed campaign plans as the calendar turned the page to 2022. For the period of Dec. 20-26, pharma giant BioNTech-Pfizer was radio’s top advertiser for a fifth consecutive week with more than 100,000 spots for its COVID booster campaign. But it has suddenly vanished from the airwaves, going MIA on the new spot count list from Media Monitors, which tracks national advertising in 110 markets. The prescription drug maker first appeared in the Top 100 radio advertisers the week of Nov. 1-7 at No. 90 before quickly scaling the chart.

The biggest gainers on the new list aren’t paid advertisers but more than 100,000 promos aired by iHeartMedia on its 860 stations. The audio giant ran 70,017 promos for the iHeartRadio Music Awards, rocketing up from No. 44 to No.1, along with 31,338 promos for the iHeartRadio Music Festival to rank tenth. That’s up from No. 57 the week before.

Meanwhile, language learning app Babbel moved up for a third consecutive week, rising 16-14-10-4 since the week of Dec. 6-12. During that time Babbel has upped its allocation from 31,026 spots to 47,301.

Get Upside vaulted 4-2 for its highest position yet with 62,565 spots, an increase from 48,421 the week prior. The digital platform that personalizes brick-and-mortar commerce only began to make radio part of its media mix last November.

With cold and flu season in full swing, Procter & Gamble increased the outlay for over-the-counter medication Vicks to 33,623 spots for a 14-9 jump. Motion Simulation, classified as an electronic video games advertiser, entered the top 100 the week of Dec 20-26 with less than 7,000 spots. On the new list it more than quadrupled its weight to 29,498 spots to rank 12th.

For the week of Dec. 27, 2021- Jan. 2, 2022, the top 10 on the Media Monitors tally are iHeartRadio Music Awards at 1, GetUpside at 2, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 3, Babbel at 4, Indeed at 5, DuckDuckGo at 6, Peloton at 7, SiriusXM at 8, Vicks at 9 and the iHeartRadio Music Festival at 10.

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