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Edison: Reach Light Audio Listeners In Vehicles, Heavies At Home.

How to reach light audio listeners, defined as those spending an hour or less with audio per day? According to Edison Research’s most recent “Share of Ear” study, it’s all about their car or truck, where 60% of their daily audio listening takes place, as opposed to 34% at home and just 2% at work, as reported in Edison’s “Weekly Insights” blog.

Among light listeners, Edison reports, more than half (52%) only listen to audio in a car or truck.

The breakdown is significantly different among heavy listeners of audio, which Edison defines as those spending four or more hours a day listening. For these listeners, 59% of daily audio consumption takes place at home, with 21% in a vehicle, and 16% at work.

“[While] heavy listeners infuse audio sources into all parts of their day in a number of different locations, we see a completely different story when we observe where light listeners spend their time with audio,” Edison’s blog says. “The car is key to reaching this audience. While some light listeners do listen in other locations, these people can be characterized largely as those who mostly just interact with audio while driving.”

Edison’s data is based on Americans age 13 or older having completed a detailed one-day audio listening diary, where participants indicate not only where they listen but what device they listen on, and for how long.

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It would be tremendously helpful to know what share of listeners are defined as light and what share as heavy.

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