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Edison: Mobile's Share Of At-Home Audio Listening Leads AM/FM Receivers, But It's Closer Among Women

According to just-released data from Edison Research's ongoing “Share of Ear” study, Americans aged 13 and over spend more than one-third (35%) of their daily audio listening time while at home doing so using a mobile device, with 26% of time listening with an AM/FM radio receiver.

The rest of that at-home audio time is broken down among listening on a computer (14%), some type of TV (13%), smart speaker (7%), CD player (2%) or something else (3%).

Women index higher with AM/FM receiver use at home (30%, vs. 22% for men, and 26% overall), while men show a greater tendency for listening via computer (19%, vs. 10% for women and 14% overall). Mobile device usage for audio consumption at home, meanwhile, is the same for women as for men, both at 35%.

Keep in mind Edison's report looks at the devices used for listening at home, not the content listened to. It follows data released in December showing online streaming moving up to 12% of listening to AM/FM broadcast radio, with over-the-air listening at 88%. Since 2014, streaming has gained seven percentage points (from 5%) while OTA has lost seven (from 95%).

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