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Dennis Prager Releases New Series On The Daily Wire.

Syndicated talk radio host Dennis Prager continues to go deeper into podcasting and also expand his work outside his Salem Radio Network home. Prager is releasing a second installment of The Master’s Program with The Daily Wire, which will make the show available exclusively on its subscription DailyWire+ service.

In what is being dubbed “volume two” of the series, the conservative talker will hammer at some of the big political differences of the day. The Daily Wire says Prager has episodes lined up that tackle topics such as affirmative action, gender identity, and what Prager says is the essentiality of marriage and distinction between men and women. It says the 10-episode season “exposes the impact of victimhood and unmet expectations on human happiness, examines the fundamental distinctions between right and left-wing ideologies and empowers viewers with actionable steps to overcome life’s hurdles and foster their pursuit of virtue.”

Prager has already been working with The Daily Wire. Last year he expanded his deal with the conservative media company to feature his PragerU videos on DailyWire+. The five-minute educational videos have pulled in seven billion views since they were launched in 2009. The Master’s Program podcast is its companion.

Prager has proven to be prolific in podcasting as he has also generated shows for his radio home. Last year he teamed with college student Julie Hartman to launch The Dennis and Julie Podcast for the Salem Podcast Network.

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