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Daytime Talk Host Drew Barrymore Spins Out TV Show Feature Into A Podcast.

Daytime television talk show host Drew Barrymore is turning a feature of her TV show into a weekly podcast. The Drew’s News podcast is an off-shoot of the successful signature “Drew’s News” segment on her daytime show. Every week, a guest joins Barrymore to help break down the latest quirky, inspiring and informative items in the news.

Actor and podcaster Rob Lowe – host of the Literally! with Rob Lowe podcast – will be the first guest. Others lined up included Jay Shetty, Casey Wilson and Benito Skinner.

“We are flipping the script this season and taking a 360 approach to create a more robust experience for our viewers and followers which is more reflective of how people are consuming pop culture,” said Barrymore in a statement.

The Drew’s News podcast launches September 16. A new episode will drop every Friday.

As part of a new CBS plan to reimagine a traditional daytime format, “The Drew Barrymore Show” returns this season as two half-hour episodes that can seamlessly run together back-to-back or be split apart to air separately. These new 30-minute episodes will be at a faster pace, giving the audience what they want. Barrymore’s digital, social and new podcast platform will be a distribution channel for the show with more original content including the show’s expansion of YouTube Originals, behind-the-scenes footage and serve as a place for audience engagement to continue.

“Drew continues to push boundaries and creates new spaces because innovation is her inspiration, disruptor is in her DNA,” said Executive Producer Jason Kurtz. “Which is why she is the pioneer stepping into break up the antiquated daytime talk format and take this inventive 360 approach.”

Drew’s News is produced and distributed by CBS Media Ventures. Barrymore, Kurtz and Marianne Schaberg are Executive Producers.

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