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Conversational Interface Aims to Assist Users in Discovering New Podcasts.

A new feature will allow the most active users of search at Podimo to utilize artificial intelligence to explore new podcasts. The new feature, called "Conversational Search" represents Podimo's inaugural venture into chat-based browsing supported by AI. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of users’ intent when browsing Podimo’s catalog and identify how to further harness AI for a seamless user experience.

Podimo, Europe's fastest growing podcast and audiobook subscription service, is trialing the brand-new "Conversational Search" feature in the Danish and German markets throughout the end of the year. A select group of subscribers, who already utilize the search function more than the average user, have been chosen for this trial. With this new feature, it becomes possible to engage in a dialogue with a chatbot about podcasts that may pique one's interest.

"At Podimo, our vision is that AI will solidify its place as a cornerstone of the platform in the future. Through this pilot, Podimo is essentially “shipping to learn: about a new opportunity space, about our users’ behavior, and whether browse will be conversational in the future,” says Alexa Lion, Senior Product Manager at Podimo.

“Conversational Search has high potential to meet our users’ desire to express themselves naturally as they search for their new favorite show or audiobook. AI is a powerful tool for us to offer an intuitive, conversational mode of browsing for our users, unlike classic search which is keyword-based and constraining. Through this feature, we free up our users to articulate what they want to search for rather than how to find it. Thanks to AI and our internal technology, your next podcast is just a short conversation away.”

“The goal is to learn. We will analyze the pilot’s results and user feedback, and decide how and where to scale from there,” Lion elaborates.

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