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Competitive Info: Presidential Debate Viewing Plunges On Network TV.

MediaPost reports that the “CNN Presidential Debate” on Thursday earned a total of 51.3 million Nielsen-measured voters across 17 TV networks. That’s down 30% from the first debate between President Biden and former President Trump in 2020.

That 2020 debate was watched by 73.1 million people, making it the third most-watched debate in U.S. history, the report said. According to Nielsen, there were 34.2 million viewers age 55+ on all networks, with 10.9 million ages 35-54 and 4.5 million ages 18-34.

National TV advertising revenue for the debate totaled $3.7 million — among ten broadcast and cable networks — according to EDO Ad EnGage.

Ozempic, Dupixent, Vyvgart, Tremfya, Bristol-Myers, Prevagen, Ro, Novo Nordisk, and Iberogast were all among the top pharmaceutical brands.

Other major ad categories, EDO Ad EnGage said, include pet food, home security, cruise, car dealers, over-the counter pharmaceuticals, and vitamins/supplements.

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