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Comedy Studio Abominable Pictures Teams With iHeart To Expand Into Podcasting.

Abominable Pictures, the comedy production company that has mainly worked in television and film, has expanded its focus to audio with the launch of Honorable Mention, its audio production arm. Honorable Mention has teamed up with iHeartMedia to debut its first comedy podcast, Brewster High.

“Ever since I was an infant, I’ve been a podcast enthusiast,” said Jonathan Stern, founder of Abominable Pictures and Honorable Mention. “But I always wanted to hear more comedies. Fortunately, so does iHeart.”

The first show to launch from the slate is Brewster High. The 10-episode scripted comedy follows a group of students who suspect the official story about the mysterious disappearance of their beloved Ultimate Frisbee star is a lie. They do some digging, uncovering mysteries that don't quite add up -- a Frisbee gambling ring, a biker gang (well, dad cyclists), a rigged talent show and all sorts of torrid affairs. As the crew gets consumed by their quest for the truth, their personal lives struggle but they gain good material for their college application essays.

Founded by Stern in 2006, Abominable has produced over 16 series, with Stern serving as an executive producer and/or co­-creator. Abominable Pictures is the production company behind popular comedy series including Murderville (Netflix), “Wet Hot American Summer” (Netflix), “Children’s Hospital” (Adult Swim), and “Burning Love” (Hulu).

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Jonathan, Abominable Pictures and Honorable Mention to bring our audiences more hilarious shows,” said Will Pearson, President of iHeartPodcasts. “He and his team are responsible for countless cult-classics in comedy and we can’t wait to share these brilliant new podcasts with listeners everywhere.”

The first three episodes of “Brewster High,” executive produced by Stern and Keith Quinn, are available now with new episodes releasing every Tuesday.

The upcoming slate of iHeart podcasts with Abominable Pictures and Honorable Mention also includes a show called Debunked. Created by two former CIA officers John Sipher and Jerry O’Shea, and executive producers Adam Davidson and Jonathan Stern, the podcast will look at a new conspiracy every week.

The companies are also developing a podcast titled Table Read. The unscripted series is an improv-sketch hybrid from sketch group The Cook County Social Club (Greg Hess, Brendan Jennings, Andy Miara and Mark Raterman). Table Read will feature a group of aspiring screenwriters as they workshop dubious scripts and then try and pitch the “best” of them.

Both Debunked and Table Read are set to debut later this year.

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