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Comedy Producer Returns to Podcasting With New Tam Yajia-Hosted Series.

Funny or Die is getting back into the podcast business with a new limited-run series hosted by comedian Tam Yajia. Called Bless These Braces, the show features Yajia and her friends, all veterans of the stand-up circuit and writers’ rooms, exploring the awkward coming-of-age ceremonies and embarrassing moments of youth. The show will be released as an audio podcast along with a companion video version.

“We’re thrilled to get back into podcasting and bring this hilarious video series to the masses,” said Darren Miller, VP of Digital at Funny or Die. “Tam brings a unique point of view and an openness about her experience that sparks compelling connections with her guests and their stories, too – everyone will relate to this podcast.” 

Funny or Die earlier coproduced The Ron Burgundy Podcast with iHeartPodcast and The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon with Spotify.

On Bless These Braces, Funny or Die says Yajia mines her own past and dives deep into the awkward teenage years of her guests to explore the coming-of-age ceremonies that are supposed to mark our transformation into adults. From first kisses to first periods, reading the Torah in front of the congregation to writing AOL away messages alone in your room, Yajia and her guests, including Ron Funches, Robby Hoffman, Kylie Brakeman, Joanna Hausman explore some of the most awkward and meaningful years of their lives. 

“Growing up in a Jewish and Hispanic household created the perfect environment ripe with plenty of material to draw upon for this podcast,” Yajia said. “Everyone has embarrassing moments that define who they are, and we’re just happy to laugh along with you.”

Yajia is an Argentine comedian and writer. She’s written on shows like “Acapulco” and “This Fool,” and created Funny or Die’s Telenovelas are Hell. Her memoir, Cry For Me Argentina, is set to be released in 2025 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

The podcast debuts Feb. 27 across all apps. Video episodes will be available at Funny or Die’s YouTube Channel.

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