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College Basketball Star Drew Timme’s New Off-Court Duties Now Include Hosting A Podcast.

College Athletes Network is expanding its partnership with iHeartMedia with the release of a new podcast that will feature Drew Timme, the Gonzaga senior that has been making headlines, and Noah B Buono – a former walk-on at Duquesne University and host of CAN’s Walkie TalkieZ podcast. The show is called Gimme Timme and it will take listeners behind the scenes of the college basketball world. The hosts will also give their opinion of what is making news in college basketball.

"I’m super excited to do this podcast. It's my senior season and it's going to be a lot of fun,” said Timme, explaining that he sees the podcast hosted by Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors as inspiration. “I love listening to Draymond Green's podcast. I want my podcast to have the same angle, just from a college perspective,” Timme said.

College Athletes Network is creating a college sports-centered podcast slate hosted by the athletes themselves. In April it teamed up with iHeartMedia to produce and distribute the shows. The ability to create their own podcast content, and make money from their efforts, comes after the Supreme Court ruled last June that college athletes can profit from their name, image and likeness.

Founded by veteran sports broadcasters Ron Pivo and Brett Martzke, the College Athletes Network aims to leverage the thousands of college athletes competing at every level who all have a story to tell. And it sees podcasting as one of the ways to get those stories out. As with its other podcasts, Gimme Timme will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network.

Timme was last year's WCC Player of the Year, hails from Richardson, TX, and was voted college basketball’s best player by a CBS Sports anonymous coaches poll.

"Drew Timme is arguably the best player in all of college basketball and in my mind, with NIL and the empowerment behind players continuing to have a voice in the media, he makes a lot of sense as a guy who should have a podcast,” said Buono. “He's a really good dude with a big personality and it's my job as his co-host to help create a space for him to speak freely and unfiltered and I'm excited for the opportunity to be part of it all."

Buono is also the host of the Walkie TalkieZ podcast for the College Athletes Network.

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