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Christmas In November: Half Of Advertisers Spending Most Of Holiday Budget This Month.

If there was ever a time to remind advertisers about the power of radio, this would be it.

According to a survey of marketers conducted by Comscore's Proximic and ad-tech platform Nexxen, more than half (53%) plan on spending most of their holiday ad budgets during November, with one-third (34%) saying they'll spend the most in December, as reported by Marketing Brew.

Advertisers don't seem too worried about the economy, as the survey results show 86% of respondents plan on spending at least as much as they did last year on holiday ads.

Radio is certainly in the mix, with 27% of those surveyed saying they'd air audio ads. Website or browser ads on desktop and mobile devices are mentioned by 79% of marketers, followed by CTV or OTT at 74%, and linear TV with 51%. Budgets are almost evenly split between brand awareness campaigns (37%), customer acquisition (33%) and customer retention (31%).

There's also, according to the data, a fairly even split between direct and programmatic ad buying, with 51% saying they're spending more on the former, and 49% on the latter. Also notable are the large shares of marketers planning to use first-party data (69%) or contextual data (68%) to target holiday ad campaigns, while 58% plan on using third-party data.

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