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Cheers: AM/FM Radio Raises Engagement For Liquor Brand.

With much to celebrate in the coming months – with Mother's and Father's Day, along with graduations – there's good news about the impact of alcoholic beverage advertising on AM/FM radio, from a campaign study by Katz Analytics in conjunction with AnalyticOwl.

When a brand of liquor partnered with Katz Radio Group for an ad campaign across several AM/FM stations in a key market – including 30-second spots on all stations, plus 30-second endorsements on one station – the result was a 20.2% increase in web traffic directly attributable to the flight.

Matching radio log times with AnalyticOwl's web traffic data for the brand, to measure campaign performance, showed that the spots delivered an average of 1.5 visits per spot airing. Endorsement spots from on-air influencers drove a 6.25 VPA, six times higher than that of the brand spots. While accounting for just 10% of the total spot count, those endorsement spots drove 40% of all traffic volume.

Additionally, listener engagement increased over the campaign's run, when the liquor brand's web traffic saw a 29.6% lift vs. the days prior to the start of the flight. Katz's week-by-week analysis shows that the average VPA more than doubled from the first to the fourth week of the campaign, reflecting increased consumer response as it built frequency.

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