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Casted Launches Program To Get Women And Minority-Led Companies Into Podcasting.

Casted, the audio and video marketing platform made for business-to-business marketers, has launched Casted for Startups. In a move that it says is designed to “democratize access” to podcasting, Casted will provide a steep discount to startups with additional discounts to startups that are led, owned, or founded by women, minorities, or LGBTQ+ individuals.

“We’ve proven that Casted can help marketers amplify vital business voices to drive human connections that ultimately drive business growth,” CEO Lindsay Tjepkema said. “Casted for Startups enables us to level the playing field in B2B podcasting by giving startups the mic - literally and figuratively! We're enabling marketers at all companies, regardless of size, to maximize and measure the value of their podcasts in today’s changing market.”

Qualifying organizations must have raised less than $10 million in capital and have 50 or fewer employees. If they do, they will be eligible for a discount up to 82% of Casted’s standard pricing.

Casted has focused its business on B2B marketing, helping marketers streamline how they publish, distribute, amplify, repurpose, analyze, and measure podcast and video content. The aim is to help brands understand not only how much engagement their content generates, but who is engaging with it by revealing the accounts and known contacts that consume specific episodes, clips, topics, and themes.

“This economic environment is very challenging for early-stage companies,” said Scott Dorsey, a Casted board member and managing partner at High Alpha. “Startups already tend to run leaner, with smaller marketing budgets. Today’s market volatility means even fewer resources with higher scrutiny. Casted for Startups empowers smaller businesses to stretch their limited budgets further while also delivering and proving maximum engagement with their podcast and video content.”

The program will also help Casted move beyond its list of big company users, with a list of customers that includes IBM, Salesforce, PayPal, HubSpot, Gong, and ZoomInfo.

Meredith Albertson, Chief Marketing Officer at the sales management company Zylo, offers a glimpse of how companies are turning podcasts into multiple pieces of content with a much farther reach. “Utilizing Casted’s platform has allowed us to take podcast episodes that initially only existed in one standalone form and turn them into multi-pronged marketing gold,” she said. “We’ve leveraged content from our SaasMe Unfiltered show and repurposed it for webinars, FAQ videos, social content, event presentations, and more.”

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