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‘Breaking Points’ Goes Interactive As Subscription Series Moves To Rumble.

Rumble, the video-sharing platform and cloud services provider, says the political podcast Breaking Points is making Locals and Rumble its new subscription provider. The full show will be available to paying community members on Locals, Rumble’s subscription platform, where paying subscribers will have members-only access along with the ability to participate in weekly Q&A sessions. 

The new partnership will also feature exclusive Breaking Points content on Rumble, which will be available to everyone, including non-subscribers. Podcast listeners will continue to access the paywalled podcast on their platform of choice, and segments of the show will continue to be available for free on multiple platforms.

“Rumble’s commitment to free speech makes it the ideal partner for our subscription business and expansion of content, where we can continue our mission of fearless, anti-establishment commentary and coverage of top headlines affecting Americans,” said Krystal Ball, co-host and co-creator of the series. “As a program that consistently supports free speech across the ideological spectrum, we can trust that we will always have a voice without censorship or limits of expression,” she continued.

The creators say the launch of the podcast on Rumble and Locals with the new interactive format should boost the podcast’s already significant audience, saying the show has “millions” of fans on various platforms. The weekly news and politics podcast currently has 1.21 million YouTube subscribers.

“Bold and fearless personalities covering politics have seen incredible success on our platform, which is a testament to our engaged users looking for alternatives to corporate media,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski. “With Breaking Points joining Rumble and Locals, we are expecting even more rapid growth of the podcast as Breaking Points continues to be a powerful voice on our free speech platform.”

Ball launched Braking Points in 2021 with cohost Saagar Enjeti. It describes itself as a “fearless anti-establishment” news podcast that holds the powerful to account. With a $90 annual subscription price, Breaking Points is one of the more expensive subscription podcasts.

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