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Bob Pittman’s ‘Math & Magic’ Podcast Returns For Season Six.

Bob Pittman is back behind the mic for the sixth season of his iHeartPodcast, “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing.” The new season, which premiered Thursday, has the iHeartMedia Chairman & CEO once again sitting down with leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries across music, film, live entertainment, marketing and other pursuits.

“As we enter 2024, we find ourselves in an uncharted era of technological advances, and we're going to have to work harder than ever to embrace the changes without hesitation,” Pittman said in a trailer for the new season. “Our guests this season ground us in actionable advice to navigate through these unprecedented times.”

New episodes drop every Thursday. In the first, Pittman talks to Kellyn Kenny, AT&T’s Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, whose resume includes such business giants as Microsoft, Hilton, Capital One and Uber. In the podcast Kenny talks about her current role, reflecting on the moves she has made to breathe new life into an iconic brand. “It is so crucial that you spend time with the customers, that you spend time with frontline employees. That is the best lesson,” Kenny says.

Subsequent episodes feature Andrew Jarecki, the award winning filmmaker and co-founder of Moviefone; and Rob Riley, Global Chief Creative Officer for ad agency giant WPP.

“As always on the show, we're here to mine our guests’ exceptional real world experiences for pearls of wisdom,” Pittman continues. “We're looking for that special and rare combination of the math – the strategy and analytics – and the magic – that elusive and creative spark – that together can pull any idea, campaign or business venture into reality.”

Listen HERE. 

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