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Blubrry Brings Artificial Intelligence Into Its Podcast Hosting And Promotion Service.

It’s been in the development oven for the past six years and Blubrry is now ready to serve up its Podcast AI assistant, nicknamed Blubrry PAI. Users of its hosting services will be able to deploy the artificial intelligence-based tool to simplify their podcast production. It also helps with show promotion, in part because Blubrry PAI will provide search engines with more metadata than ever to help a show get discovered.

On the promotional front, Blubrry PAI uses AI to automate the creation of clips to share on social media for each episode. It also creates a unique promotional email for each episode. Blubrry says it is designed to “play nice” with the idiosyncrasies of each of the social platforms. Going forward, the tool will also add a media clipping feature that will create promotional video clips.

On the production side, Blubrry PAI will use artificial intelligence to simplify several tasks, including offering transcript creation with speaker analysis, title suggestions, complete show summaries, bullet points, episode art generation, and chapter file creation. The company says Blubrry PAI provides an editable draft ready for publishing with all elements married to a show’s chosen AI outputs.

“The production tools have been life-changing, saving me time and giving my listeners a better experience,” CEO Todd Cochrane says. “Blubrry’s mission has always been democratizing podcasting, making it accessible and fruitful for everyone. Blubrry PAI embodies that mission, offering unmatched support for planning, promotion, and social engagement.”

Blubrry hosting customers can test the platform via a trial on the Podcaster Dashboard. Hosting customers will get five trials of each of the three active AI components: Planning, Production, and Social Clips, which include episode email generation. It will eventually be a $10 per month add-on feature as part of its Thrive Bundle that includes other features such as pre-roll ad insertion, expanded episode listener comparison, listener and subscriber data, additional Quicklinks features, and other Podcast 2.0 features.

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