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Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Makes High Profile Cancellation: His Own Show.

Being the boss means making the tough choices of which podcast to keep and which to ax. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has just taken out his own show. He has pulled the plug on The Dave Portnoy Show after 101 episodes. “To be honest, it was terrible,” Portnoy says.

Portnoy started the podcast in September 2020 and he tells listeners that he knew that a change in the show’s format was needed. “I was planning on changing up [the show] to get celebrities outside of Barstool and do a weekly recap,” but he says it proved to be too similar to what he does on the Barstool Rundown podcast.

“It wasn't going to work, so I cancelled it,” Portnoy said. “I have a pretty good idea when something's good and bad. I knew it was bad when I was yawning halfway through.”

Portnoy fans have no shortage of other ways to hear Portnoy. In addition to Barstool Rundown, he also hosts BFFs and often turns up on other Barstool podcasts like Barstool Pick Em.

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